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How To Include More Protein In Your Day

I often hear from you all and my 1:1 clients that getting enough protein is one of their #1 struggles. Most of the time, I find that many women who come to me for help are undereating protein. I used to be the same way until I decided that incorporating protein into my meals would be non-negotiable.

If you don't already know why I emphasize protein so much, check out the "Macronutrient Awareness" video that I share on the Health Foundations Roadmap.

How to add more protein:

Make it the primary focus of the meal. This doesn't mean that you have to eat most of your calories from protein (I don't suggest doing that) - but it does mean that you can center your focus upon your protein of choice. For example, knowing that you will have beef bolognese, an egg frittata, or an afternoon tuna salad snack. Meals without protein (especially some animal protein) are meals that lack the structure that your body needs to create structure, repair and build muscle, keep blood sugar stable, and support liver detoxification. A rule of thumb I like to give is to suggest at least 2 oz. of protein per snack, and usually around 6 oz per snack.

To your meals or snacks, you can add:

  • collagen (into juice, tea, smoothies, coffee)

  • egg whites (into egg dishes, baked goods, pasteurized egg whites can be added to smoothies if you are not currently pregnant)

  • bone broth can be used instead of broth in soups

Some of my favorite protein snacks include:

In addition to all of these ideas, you can also keep meat protein bars on hand with d of the fruit, or if you are on the go, organic dried or freeze-dried fruit. I suggest the Epic protein bars - the chicken sriracha and jalapeño beef are my favorite flavors. Have any questions? Ask away in the weekly Q&A! Have anything that you want to see on the membership? Make a note of it when you ask your weekly question! I always love hearing how much you love the membership + what you want to learn about next.

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