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Weekly Exclusive Wellness Content:
- Nutrition Education
- Supplementation Guidance
- Monthly Grocery Hauls
- Weekly recipes 
- Self Care Guidance
- Functional Movement Guidance
- Q&A Coaching

- One Week Free Trial
- Cancel anytime


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- All of the benefits listed on the monthly plan

- One Week Trial

- Two Months Free

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About Kourtney

My name is Kourtney, your functional nutritionist here to walk alongside you and be your guide. I am deeply passionate about wellness, and my desire is for you to thrive and truly experience radical health. I've helped hundreds of women heal their bodies through food, supplementation, and lifestyle changes. You are the reason I've created this membership. You're the inspiration behind Worthy Womanhood! I want you to have access to the information, tools, and support that you need - so my top starter tips, tools, and methods are yours to keep when you join.

You are worthy of wellness

Welcome to Worthy Womanhood, a monthly wellness membership for the woman ready to apply valuable wellness principles and tips to her daily life. Full of wellness education, healthy recipes, supplement suggestions, functional movement, and beyond - Worthy Womanhood is the daily wellness guide that will help you in your health journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between working with Kourtney 1:1 and joining the Worthy Womanhood membership?

The Worthy Womanhood membership is a valuable, monthly, information-based membership that provides helpful resources, educational content, and weekly Q&A's. Because it is a general women's health membership, it is not the same as working with Kourtney 1:1. Both past, existing, and future clients can benefit from Worthy Womanhood because of how it is structured. The membership and 1:1 are complementary, and one is not a substitute for the other. If you like following @KALEMEKOURTNUTRITION on Instagram, you will love Worthy Womanhood.

Will I be able to find answers for my particular health issues?

Worthy Womanhood will cover many different areas of health by sharing new content weekly. By covering various health topics and answering your questions + the questions of other members through weekly Q&A's, you will receive an abundance of valuable health knowledge. Keep in mind that the best way to get to the root cause of your particular health issues is to work with 1:1 with someone who can truly take a look at your health status and walk you through the steps you need to be taking. We can't guarantee results or assistance with your exact situation, but you will learn valuable knowledge while being a Worthy Womanhood member. The purpose of Worthy Womanhood is to educate and inspire, and the content shared is not medical advice. Please contact your doctor or holistic health practitioner before implementing any changes.

Can I talk to Kourtney directly?

Because Kourtney runs a full-time nutritional practice with private clients, all communication and questions between Kourtney and her members will be through the weekly Q&A's. Once you are a member, you can ask questions and be guaranteed an answer from Kourtney. DM's on Instagram and comments on Instagram cannot be responded to due to HIPAA regulations, but you can have your questions answered once you join the membership.

Should I buy the monthly plan or the yearly plan? Do you offer refunds?

If you have any doubts about which membership renewal option is best for you, we encourage you to select the monthly plan over the yearly plan, even though the annual plan will save you money. Once you purchase a membership term, it's yours to keep! In the future, if you decide that it's not the best fit for you, you can cancel at any time via your portal and avoid being charged on the next billing date. *Please Note: I am so happy to offer a free trial to see if this is a good fit. As a friendly reminder, please remember that it is your responsibility to cancel before the trial ends if you do not want to be charged, as there are no refunds. You can cancel by clicking the "Your Account" tab and clicking "View or Cancel Plans." 

Please email for any additional questions.

Take a Look Inside 

Worthy Womanhood

Once you register and become a member, you have immediate access to all parts of Worthy Womanhood. Are you ready to access valuable content and resources that will support you on your wellness journey? Join Worthy Womanhood and start accessing nutrition, supplementation, self care + functional movement resources and guidance today. Log-in from any device + from anywhere in the world, and begin watching helpful videos, reading the informative articles and learning from the weekly Q&A's. 

Step into the wonderful world of nutrition, where you will learn and grow into an empowered, informed nutrition guru. Weekly videos, monthly grocery guides, and endless tips will be in this category.

Learn about supplementation with a weekly educational tip, suggestion, or demonstration. Before you know it, you'll be a supplement pro!

Gain access to new nourishing recipes, plus access to view recipes already on the site. All recipes are delicious, focused on nourishment, and beyond easy to make.

Learn how to nourish your body beyond nutrition with self-care and functional movement. This section is all about helping you reach new levels in your health in an effortless, peaceful way.

Take a Look Inside Worthy Womanhood

What are members saying?


"Worthy womanhood has given me a place to focus my attention and not be scattered across all platforms trying to get answers to health problems. Kourtney is kind and helpful and I genuinely feel loved by her. She gives thorough answers and has helped me know what parts of my nutrition and life I need to tweak. Her overall perspective has made me so much more self-aware of how I am doing amidst my busy days as a homeschooling mom and business owner. I have seen progress day by day and her tips are a constant reminder to stay on track. I feel free in my health choices not in bondage."


"Worthy Womanhood is the service I didn’t know I needed! Kourtney is so knowledgeable, approachable, and makes me feel like I truly understand my body and it’s needs. She really takes the time to make things make sense which is SO important and has such great recommendations. After implementing some of her recommendations, I am feeling such a huge energy shift and am now able to keep up with my very active toddler. I am recommending Worthy Womanhood to every woman I know!"


"I’ve been anxiously waiting for Worthy Womanhood to launch since Kourtney first announced it. Since I’ve worked with Kourtney 1:1 and have seen spectacular results from it, I jumped right in to signing up for a membership. I trust her resources and opinion wholeheartedly because I know she has people’s best interests at heart. It is such a great resource for anyone who has a general question, maybe just looking to know a little bit more about health and nutrition or like me, someone who is looking to build on the foundation they already have/needs a quick reference. The videos are very informative so I love that aspect. I’m huge on cooking so I’m very excited to have a place to grab new recipes from! I’ve had her meal plans and they are amazing, so I highly recommend trying our her recipes on here!"


"So much value!! I am approaching menopause and was recently diagnosed with hashimotos. I’m so grateful I found this community. I’m gaining so much knowledge on nutrition and supplements. Kourtney is incredibly knowledgeable and shares the information ion a way that makes it easy to implement in my daily life."

"I am absolutely blown away by this membership. I’d considered buying one of the courses I’d seen on IG but I was intrigued by the idea of Worthy Womanhood and decided to give it a try instead. I’m so glad I did! I feel that all of the resources Kourtney offers are so helpful and I’m learning so much that applies to ME. Her Q&As are my favorite part. The answers are so informative but the videos are short enough to be easily digestible. I am feeling so good and I’m so grateful!"

Jamie | Worthy Womanhood Member

"I love the content in worthy womanhood! The information is educational and realistic. For someone who is really trying to figure out what is right for my body at this time in my life, this content is priceless. I am enjoying every minute of learning from Kourtney. Forever grateful!"

April  |  Worthy Womanhood Member

About The Membership

Made With You In Mind

You deserve a guide to help you make the best decisions in your health, and Worthy Womanhood is here to deliver just that. From recipes to supplements, weekly Q&As, natural remedies, functional movement, and self-care tips - all of that and more is inside the Worthy Womanhood Membership. 

A Daily Resource 

Worthy Womanhood isn't a course or a one-time program - it's your daily wellness guide and resource. With enough structure to keep you focused and a dash of spontaneity to keep things fun and exciting, Worthy Womanhood is an active resource that will support you in your wellness journey. 

Zero Pressure, Affordable and Easy

The Worthy Womanhood membership is the perfect way to dive deeper into wellness without significant financial or time commitment. It's an inexpensive and zero-pressure way to help you ease into wellness the right way.

You Are Worthy of Wellness

Stop your searching, take a deep breath, and take my hand. Say hello to valuable guidance that will help you be the healthy, hopeful, and nourished woman that you deserve to be.

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