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What's Coming to Worthy Womanhood this Week?

Updated: Feb 24

I am so excited about what I'll be sharing this week on Worthy Womanhood.

Early in the week, I'll be sharing an under $80 grocery haul that will show you how to eat in a nourishing way on a tight budget (+ at a non-specialty grocery store). With this haul, I'll be sharing matching recipes to help you access some weekly nutrition inspiration.

As always, I'll be sharing new, nourishing recipes that will help you fuel your body in the right way. Some things to look out for? Homemade oat milk, protein banana pancakes, grain free chicken noodle soup, and protein hot chocolate.

I'll be sharing a video that walks you through what it looks like to create a healthy plate, step by step, along with tips and tricks for pairing foods together.

Because we talk about excess estrogen so much during the Q&A's, I'll be sharing my top 3 tips for supporting estrogen detoxification. Of course, I'll also give an overview of what estrogen dominance even is before hoping into what some of the starting steps are.

I've talked about the importance of mindset in your wellness journey a little bit, and I want to expound on this topic. To help you have more success in your wellness journey, I'll be giving you the mindset tools that you need in order to reach new heights in your health through cultivating a growth mindset.

Do you have questions? I have answers! Submit your weekly question for the weekly Q&A coaching sessions.

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