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Q&A Coaching

  1. What supplements do you add or what do you do when youve caught a cold or virus?

  2. I was on the pill since I was 15 because of acne and period pain. I stopped taking it at 23 and since then I have felt very anxious. How can I best support my body at this point?

  3. Are you familiar at all with mold toxicity?

  4. Hi Kourtney! I was diagnosed with a pituitary micro-adenoma which raised my prolactin level into the 300’s. I was prescribed cabergoline to take twice weekly and it has lowered it down to 25. Since being on this my Endocrinologist has tested my DHEA-sulfate and it is at 618. His office called me and said everything is normal but that isn’t sitting right with me. I’m looking for a second opinion and just help in general. Thank you so much. 💕

  5. What are pros and cons for decaf coffee? I love the taste of coffee, but I don’t like how caffeine makes me feel.

  6. Can you tell if you have sibo on a GI map?

  7. For adrenals, are there any pregnancy safe things you would do? Got low cortisol levels back on my DUTCH test

  8. For those who can’t afford all organic groceries, what do you suggest prioritizing?

  9. Are you offering business coaching still for those who want to become practitioners?

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