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June 24th Q&A Coaching

  1. Going off your recent IG post on DHEA and testosterone, I had a DUTCH test a couple years ago and my DHEA-S was on the lower side at 79 and testosterone was on the higher side at 11.7. However, Total DHEA was 2511. What could cause this inverse relationship between testosterone and DHEA since your post sounded like they are usually both high or both low?

  2. Over the years I have accumulated a lot of histamine reactions to foods such as fresh peaches, plums, apples, asparagus, mustard etc. My main reaction is an itchy throat. I have been eating raw carrot salads multiple times a week for the last couple months and am now starting to get an itchy throat after eating them. Do you have any insight as to why this could be happening? I’ve never had this reaction to carrots before but now that I’m eating them a lot I seem to be getting a histamine reaction. I love my carrot salads and don’t want to have to stop eating them!

  3. Are tinned oysters still a good substitute (in terms of nutritional value) if I'm unable to source fresh oysters?

  4. This might be a sensitive topic, but have you gotten your CVD vaccine? I am a nurse and was really influenced to get it a couple years ago, and am now getting influenced to get the booster shots. I truly do not want to (I don’t even like getting flu vaccines). But I honestly haven’t done much research and am curious to know the information you have found and where I can go to learn true facts. Thanks!

  5. I was watching the fertility impact video and was wondering if you have any guidance on understanding the menstrual phases (in laymens terms). I’ve read up on this but it’s just not taking. For example, when is “post ovulation” is that 14 after the first day of your period? Or do you need to test yourself to check if you’re ovulating for sure?

  6. I’m just getting started with this food first journey - one supplement I usually take is zinc. Are there any food sources and how can I make sure I am getting enough?

  7. What does it mean if I have a burst of energy right before bed?

  8. With your PCOS in the past, did you have irregular periods? Currently working on mine and will be joining your group program to learn more.

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