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October 8th Q&A Coaching

1. Took your advice regarding following up with GYN regarding heavy periods. As it has caused me to become anemic. Getting iron transfusion in a week. But found out I have fibroids that need to be addressed. Looking at two possibilities myomectomy and uterine fibroid embolization. Any thoughts on the two. I also see fibroids can return…. Are there things I can do to reduce getting additional fibroids?

2. Asking a question on behalf of my mom - she is 65 and post menopausal, had 6 healthy and natural pregnancies, and recently (4 years ago) had a hysterectomy. Recently, she has been experiencing additional weight gain (I know this is normal post menopause but has been elevated recently), hot flashes, trouble sleeping and noticed her skin has been aging a lot more. She already fully went through menopause 10-15 years ago so this seems to be another wave of it. She is already eating relatively healthy and works out but hoping you could offer some words of advice on how to understand what she may be dealing with.

3. I had some varicose veins come up during pregnancy. Although they reduced a little after pregnancy, it still looks like they are there under the skin and the area around my calf is dark/bruised looking. Is there anything I can do for the current area or to prevent from it getting worse in the future?

4. I had SIBO breath tests taken by my gastroenterologist and they came back not supported. She suggested taking rifaximin to help address my digestive issues and potentially eliminate the type of SIBO that the test doesn’t detect. Do you think the antibiotic would do more harm than good long term? Is there anything else I can do to help get rid of SIBO beyond a low FODMAP diet?

5. Hi Kourt! I have been experiencing intense reflux in my luteal phase. Even drinking water apart from meals triggers it!! I know that it is in part related to an imbalance of estrogen and progesterone, but do you have any suggestions of how to manage while I work toward healing?

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