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October 22nd Q&A Coaching

1. Do you have any tips on how to strengthen a pelvic floor? I’ve never had children but for some reason just have a very weak pelvic floor.

2. Hello Kourtney, what do you suggest as protein source for sweet breakfast except nuts and seeds? I have read you suggested limiting dairy when there are certain gut issues. I can’t tolerate eggs as well.

3. I love the Force of Nature meat company, but I find their meat extremely chewy. I am wondering if you have another brand you like/ cooking tip to help with the chewiness? Thanks

4. Can you reccommend a way to get gut health back on track after a course of antibiotics? It's been 7 months and my digestive system is still off even after 2 rounds of probiotics! Also, I am vegan if that matters.

5. I used to have an appetite right when I would wake up in the morning, but over the past 6 months I have had no desire to eat in the mornings. The only change was I started incorporating coffee/caffeine and more white sugar into my diet. Would that have affected my morning appetite? Even though I have backed off of the coffee and sugar I still have no morning appetite…any advice to get it back?

6. I have been waking up feeling a lot of anxiety/hunger anywhere from 3-5am multiple times a week. I have been having a bedtime snack to try to help my blood sugar, but it doesn't seem to be helping very much. Any tips or suggestions?

7. My 2yr old has some bumpy skin and eczema spots on her legs/behind knee pits and multiple food sensitivies (egg, peanut, dairy, gluten)? We definitely see the food correlate to her flares, and it seems histamine related as well. Could you make some recommendations on how you might support with food- whether to completely hold off on a food or keep little bits in at a time while trying to calm an overactive immune system/lower her body's stress.

8. I have had a diary intolerance for a few years now and have just found out I am pregnant. I really want to heal my gut and hopefully introduce dairy again. Is there anything in particular you recommend for healing your gut during pregnancy (not sure if there's any differences). Is it safe to take probiotics in early pregnancy?

9. I’ve heard you discuss conditions that can be attributed to toxic estrogen levels. What are ways a person can identify their levels.

10. Hello! I recently had my thyroid checked and it’s normal. Now, I am thinking maybe I need to focus on my sleep, nutrition, and stress. I’m going to refer back to the foundations road map to help with nutrition. Any advice for better sleep or stress management?

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