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November 19th Q&A Coaching

1. In your opinion, why does it feel like more women are having health issues in todays age? I know there is the factor that we are paying attention to it more and shedding light on it, but versus 100s of years ago; do you think added hormones in food and everything else, everything is over produced, toxic beauty chemicals, etc.. plays a part? What is your opinion on the increase of women struggling with women specific health issues.

2. Hi Kourtney! I've noticed a lot of other pro-metabolic influencers and practitioners discourage people from eating salmon due to the higher pufa content. I was curious what your thoughts are because I LOVE salmon and I feel like there are so many benefits that it outweighs the negatives.

3. Is it normal to spot during/near ovulation in your cycle? I’ve heard it can be normal. I’ve only started to off and on after having a baby.

4. Hey! I had a question about ways to improve HDL cholesterol while lowering LDL cholesterol? I got some bloodwork done, and my HDL was 49, triglycerides were 40, and LDL was 211 and yet my liver, blood glucose, and metabolic panel all came back normal. I’m just seeking guidance to any resources you can direct me to! Unfortunately, I can’t yet afford to go 1:1 with you, so until I can, I’m trying to research as much as I can while steering clear of the websites/journals that are in total congruence with the ways and practices of western medicine. Thank you SO much! You should know that my TPO antibodies have decreased from 36 to 1 (TSH decreased from 4.2 to 2.7) in a matter of months from following your guidance! You are so appreciated and I can’t wait to hopefully work with you in the future!

5. Is there a range of fat intake when talking about supporting metabolism? Is there a maximum or does the amount vary per person depending on their metabolism? And if you increase fat, must you also increase protein+carb and vis versa

6. Possibly need a root canal…I remember you saying there’s negatives to it. Can you please speak more about that/other options?? And also ways to prevent enamel break down if I don’t use fluoride.

7. I've been struggling on and off with palpitations where I can feel my heart beating in my chest and at times it feels like my heart rate is a little high. I notice it especially when I'm completely relaxed like when I'm meditating. It's really annoying and a bit concerning. Wondering if it could be related to a mineral imbalance or EMFs or something else? Any thoughts?

8. What would you say the root cause of Kidney stones are? My husband has had them his whole life but recently has had multiple back to back. He's eating semi prometabolic. Any advice?

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