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June 7th Q&A Coaching

Updated: Jun 14

1. I have been feeling so fatigued and tired all the time and just want to nap during the day, which is very unlike me. I had bloodwork done to check my thyroid and for anemia but everything came back normal. Do you have any ideas on what could be going on or things I could try to boost my energy levels? Thank you!! :39

2. When dealing with cystic acne around the mouth, jaw, and side burn area what testing do you recommend you get done? Check hormones? Anything else? I have a good skincare regimen and eat fairly clean. Should I focus on eating certain foods? I know cystic acne can be complex... any tips on where to start helps!! 2:45

3. Hey Kourt! I had a headache 4 out of 6 days during my last period.. Any clear ideas of what I might be deficient in and need to focus on next round? (My cycles have been 4 months long the past year after I got off birth control and had my appendix removed, but this last one was only 2 months!🙌🏼) 4:19

4. Do you have any supplement recommendations for Hydrogen Sulfide SIBO? (for how to address it, I'm currently doing a Paleo Style diet (but am eating gluten-free grains since I am ok with them, and doing low sulfur as well). 5:49

5. I’ve had huge stretches of egg white mucus since being postpartum (when my fertile window was only about 5 days before) and I just realised the progesterone my doctor had me supplement with was dissolved in sesame seed oil. I had to have injections twice weekly for 26 weeks with the stuff and I’m wondering how I can support my body now that I’m off? Cramps and PMS are nonexistent now but this mucus pattern tells me something is still wrong. 8:12

6. What’s the best flour to bake with? Organic Sprouted spelt flour? I’ve always used almond flour or oat. Since joining your membership I’ve been reconsidering that option. 10:07

7. Im struggling with craving soda. Once I drink some, I want it every day. If I go awhile without it, then I don’t crave it anymore. Tips for being able to enjoy a soda every once in awhile without the daily cravings? 10:38

8. Lately I have been experiencing daily hiccups, sometimes after eating. Are you aware of any connections between hiccups and nutrition/digestion? Any tips on reducing the occurrence of hiccups? Mine can be really painful at times. 12:30

9. I have PCOS with absent periods and excessive hair growth. What would be your top tips to combat these issues and get my fertility back on track 13:37

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