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July 26th Q&A Coaching

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1. A few years ago I started buying toothpaste without fluoride in it as well as a water filtration system that filers out fluoride. I still don’t exactly understand why fluoride is “bad” and I just want to make sure I’m not doing my teeth wrong by not having any fluoride at all?

2. I went to a homeopathic doctor and she told me that I have cyst on my ovaries which she said is also known as pcos. She told me to not to worry about it and to take a supplement called fem ease which would get rid of the cyst. I just wanted to hear you thoughts and if you recommend taking the fem ease or if that will cause more harm then damage/be a waste of time and money?

3. Best Tumeric Curcumin supp?I read not to go for tumeric root bc the amount of tumeric for medicinal purposes isn't high enough.

4. Is there any science as to why mosquitos LOVE some (me) and don't pay attention to others? I cannot go outside during the early morning or evening times for any amount of time without getting multiple bites!

5. Is there such thing as a healthy hot dog?

6. Do you recommend taking a beef heart and liver supplement separately, or would the Ancestral Supplements Beef Organs(with kidney, spleed and pancreas too) be a good option for getting both of those in at the same time?

7. I remember seeing somewhere about a client of yours not having clots after working with you. Are clots a sign of an abnormal cycle? If so, what does it mean?

8. Hi ! I have been treating my nail fungal infection for over a year with topical treatments but nothing works. My doctor told me that the only course of action left is antifungal pills. I want to avoid them because I would have to take them for 12 weeks and I am aware of their toxicity and how they can wreck the gut. If it is possible, how can I heal this type of infection through nutrition, supplements, etc ? Thank you for your time !

9. Should I watch my sodium intake? I know the suggested amount is around 2,000 mg, but that can be SO hard to accomplish and not go over. Thoughts?

10. You briefly talked about PPIs in your stories & mentioned that people with reflux usually have LOW stomach acid. My doctor has had me on PPIs for GERD/gastritis after an endoscopy, but never even mentioned the possibility of low stomach acid. How would I know if my symptoms are from low or high acid?

11. I've been extremely fatigued for months post competition and finally went to get blood work done. Everything has come back in "normal range" (although he didn't test T3 or T4) but my estrogen is really high (591.1pg/mL). My follow-up appointment isn't for another few weeks so I don't know what he will say (but I don't have much faith in doctors these days).When only estrogen is out of balance, what typically is the cause? What should I be looking at to avoid/add? What are your go-to ways to lower estrogen? Help!

12. What are the top suggestions for optimizing your immune system? Any specific foods or supplements? I know the general guidelines of fruits and veggies, quality sleep

13. I have a sinus infection and went to the doctor and was prescribed amoxicillin. I have been taking it but heard it can mess with good gut bacteria. What are some ways to help that? Also some natural ways to help with sinus infections, UTI's, etc?

14. What’s your favorite go-to meal?

15. My menstrual cycle has been about 60 days long recently. My progesterone is definitely low because I will ovulate (sometimes) and not get my period for 4 or more weeks after. What days of my cycle would you recommend using progesterone cream? Any other advice to help regulate my cycle?

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