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January 21st Q&A Coaching

  1. Non-toxic products to use when on your period? I get nervous about the chemicals that are most likely in tampons

  2. Some nights my husband kicks/shakes/jerks all throughout the night in his sleep, and some nights he doesn’t at all. Not sure if he has periodic limb movement disorder (he has not been diagnosed and doesn’t have any other health issues). However when he does this it keeps me up all night waking me up to 20 times a night. Any advice on how to keep him from doing this…I need sleep!

  3. Face moisturizer and wash suggestions?

  4. I’m 8wks in pregnancy and struggling to eat protein, mostly meat protein.I know I need to eat it to stabilize blood sugar but I definitely want more carbs. Do you have any suggestions? I feel like I’m using up yogurt, broth and collagen a lot

  5. Do you have any advice for what to do when spending time with extended family members who are regularly exposed to mold on a because of their job or live in a more toxic environment. I’m mostly concerned for my young child being exposed when she is already struggling with gut issues?

  6. Could you share what you use for some household cleaning/beauty products? I thought my laundry detergent was good because it only had seven ingredients, but I just noticed one of them is fragrance! I would love to hear what you use or recommend for dish detergent, laundry detergent, toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner.

  7. The last few periods have suddenly been more painful than usual. Just more intense cramps. What could be causing this??

  8. Is it bad to take melatonin?

  9. I recently heard that there are certain essential oils you want to stay away from when pregnant. Is this true? If so, which ones? Thanks!

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