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April 19th Q&A Coaching

1. What is the best time of day to take a probiotic? What brand do you recommend? I’ve been taking Flourish but I can’t tell if it’s making a difference. :24

2. I am struggling!! I’ve changed my eating habits to a more PM way of eating. Consuming close to 2000 calories a day. Eating eggs, grass-fed beef, bison, chicken, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, yogurt, berries, mango and raw dairy but having multiple loose, watery stools a day. My gallbladder was removed about six years ago. I’m cutting back more and more fat but nothing is helping. 2:22

3. Never dealt with bladder infections before and now had two this year! What can I do to prevent and health after antibiotics 3:46

4. I recently gave blood and my cholesterol came back at 200, which I was told was high. In recent months I have started eating more meat (mainly chicken, beef, turkey, and bacon) and cooking with ghee. Are there certain foods I need to cut back on to lower my cholesterol? 4:55

5. Hi Kourtney! Could you please share a good supplement alternative to Spironolactone in regards to elevated testosterone levels that lead to hair loss? Thyroid function is good , but this may be connected to ongoing PCOS.Thanks! 6:05

6. Hey! So, I always thought I was doing the right thing by choosing the copper IUD since it was the only non-hormonal option. It wasn't until learning this pro-metabolic lifestyle a couple months ago that I even considered the effects it would have on mineral balance and why that would be important. Do you think there are ways to heal/maintain proper balance with it in? If so, what would you recommend? Or do you think I'd have to remove it for complete healing? I just really hate to have no BC because I really don't want any more children:) Thank you! 8:27

7. What are some of your go to ready made snacks? I am allergic to cashews but anything else I am open to I just need things I can grab that feel filling. I usually reach for sunflower kernels, mandarins and things like that but want to know what you suggest. Thank you! Not eating enough has been a trigger for migraines for me in the past. 10:53

8. What is a reasonable timeline you'd tell your clients for when to expect their body to start operating optimally and the "safety weight" would start to drop off?I know I needed to gain weight and get my calories up (and I am now FINALLY starting to feel human again which I love) BUT the weight gain has started to make me insecure... especially with summer coming. I don't want to throw myself into dieting again (especially after what I did to it in competition prep) but I want to shed a little bit.Would you recommend a tiny cut? Increased exercise? Or do I just need to suck it up and wait? 11:45

9. I have been struggling with Keratosis Pilaris on my arms for years. I have recently seen researching that links this to either a Vitamin A deficiency or a sign of gluten intolerance. I would love to know your thoughts on this. 14:50

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