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How to Find a Morning Routine That Works For You

Having a morning routine can be a very grounding and helpful tool that can aid in making life more peaceful and productive. In order to establish a morning routine that works for you, it's important to truly know yourself, and ask yourself a few questions that can help you determine what works for you.

Question #1: Are You a Night Owl or an Early Bird?

Ask yourself: am I an early bird or night owl? There's a really good chance that you already know the answer to this, but knowing when your energy is at it's best is a great way to know if waking up early is truly the best choice for you, or if having a little bit of relaxation time in the morning is a good fit for you. Although it's more common for people to enjoy getting work out of the way first thing in the morning, a night owl might enjoy working a little later if that means sleeping in till 8 or 9. Decide what time you will aim to fall asleep and wake up based on what you enjoy the most, and try to stick with that schedule. This consistency will be so great for your circadian rhythm, and the consistency is the foundation of your morning routine.

Question #2: Do You Ever Get Anxious in The Morning?

Ask yourself another question: do I ever get anxious in the morning? Some people don't, some people do. What matters now is understanding if you do, or if you do not. If you wake up and the thought of reading emails, having calls, taking care fo responsibilities, or anything else creates a sense of anxiety for you, then you might struggle with morning anxiety. If this is the case, a later start with a morning walk, some journaling time, and maybe even a quick listen to a podcast or music that brings your joy, would be a great idea to help you ease into a new day. If you do not struggle with morning anxiety, then there is a chance that this tendency comes in more so in the evening, when feelings of stress about various life topics can tend to arise while lying in bed. For some, there is no night or evening anxiety at all, but knowing if you do or do not struggle will help you modify your routine to be sensitive towards any fears or hesitations that can be present. By bringing awareness to these feelings, you can begin to optimize your life while honoring the current state of your body. If you think that you might be dealing with anxiety on a larger scale, counseling is always a helpful tool, and modalities like EMDR and EFT are very helpful for many who struggle.

Question #3: What Brings You Joy?

What brings you the most joy? Is it your morning skincare routine? Is it a morning workout or walk in nature? Find at least 3 things that bring you joy in the morning, and make an effort to do them daily. My 3 things are: enjoying my coffee while sitting outside, rebounding for 10 minutes while listening to my favorite music, and cleaning up my workspace + lighting a non-toxic candle to create a clean and enjoyable environment. Decide what your own 3 things are, and be intentional about adding them into your morning.

Question #4: What Helps You Be Creative + Brings You Peace?

What helps your creativity blossom and what cultivates peace within your heart and mind? Does time outside, or time reading, praying, journaling, and meditating help you establish creativity and peace? Do structured lists, detailed spreadsheets, and an inbox at zero help you feel peaceful and full of fresh, creative energy? Just how in #3 I asked you to decide which 3 things brig you joy, I also want you to identify what helps you be creative and what helps you feel peace. A clean house, a made bed, writing down your daily intentions: what will you do do awaken creativity and keep your mind in a state of peace? We are all so different, but most people will find that establishing responsibilities with a to-do list and also creating a clean environment is universally beneficial. As a part of your morning routine, it might be helpful for you to spend 10 minutes cleaning, 10 minutes taking care of small tasks, and a few minutes (5-10) planning.

A Sample Morning Routine:

7:00 am - wake up, use restroom, drink a glass of room temperature water with 2 drops of trace minerals (brand: Trace Minerals), brush teeth, wash face, and apply other skin care products

7:15 am - make breakfast, straighten up kitchen and other living spaces, make coffee and enjoy outside (if weather permits)

7:45 am - walk outside for 15 minutes while listening to music OR rebound while listening to music, go inside and check email, make a to-do list and begin the day

Above is an example of what my morning routine looks like on an average day, but of course life is unpredictable to an extent and my days look different at times. Spend some time creating a routine that works for you, and try it out for at least 3 weeks to see if it's a good fit for you.

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