• Kourtney

How Animal Protein Supports Your Metabolism

Animal protein has been received a bad name in the recent years do a a push towards being more plant based, but I am a strong believer in the science that shows us the benefits of eating animal protein.

Easier to Digest - most plan protein, like beans, lentils and chickpeas, are difficult for many to digest due to fermentable fibers. Animal protein helps stomach acid levels stay strong, which helps your body ward off pathogens and harmful bacteria.

More Nutrient Dense - per oz., animal protein contains more nutrients. Nutrients that are animal based are more highly absorbable.

For example: beta carotene vs. retinol, retinol is superior.

Contains all Amino Acids that Your Liver and Muscles Need - while it's possible to be very strategic and intentional with plant protein and supplements and technically get all of the animo acids you need, it's not going to be a realistic or budget friendly option for many. By eating around 100 grams of protein from animal products a day, you will always be getting all of the amino acids that you liver, brain, and muscles need to thrive.

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