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Enjoyable + Biologically Supportive Exercises

One question I get all of the time is, "Kourtney, what workouts should I do?!"

It's a pretty loaded question, but I'll simplify it for you.

The type of workouts you should focus on are the ones you enjoy while also supporting your biology and unique needs.

Why Focus on Enjoyment First?

We don't want to view working out as a means to an end, as in: a way to change your body, something to mark off your list, something you did because you went through the drive-through over the weekend. Working out should be a celebration of what your body can do, and I want it to be a positive, special time in your day that serves as a self-care outlet.

When you shift your mindset towards enjoyment instead of punishment, everything changes.

So ask yourself: what workouts do I enjoy the most? What makes me feel good? What makes me feel happy? What makes me feel confident?

When you engage in movement that you love, exercise becomes a form of self-care. When you release results and begin to stop focusing on changing your body, you will experience the benefits that movement brings to your mind.

The results will come, but you might not even walk into the gym until you feel the weight and pressure of achievement and striving fall away.

Once you decide what you love, let's narrow that down and find a form that supports your biology.

What is a Biologically Supportive Exercise?

A biologically supportive exercise is one that supports your body and the way that it has been made. As women, our bodies are continually experiencing hormonal fluctuations. We are especially sensitive to stress, and it's essential to be aware of this when it comes to working out.

Many women are continually running on stress hormones due to undereating, undernourishing, under-sleeping, and overexercising.

When choosing a workout, we want it to be enjoyable (as mentioned earlier), but we also want it not to stress the body. High-intensity workouts, running, excess aerobic exercises (the elliptical, treadmill) can be stressful, while pilates, yoga-style workouts, and weights can be stress-reducing. What I choose to do myself, and what I suggest for most of my clients, is the following split below.

Sunday: rest + stretch

Monday: upper body weights (back + biceps)

Tuesday: lower body + abs pilates

Wednesday: upper body weights (chest + triceps + biceps)

Thursday: lower body weights

Friday: rest + stretch

Saturday: rest + stretch

Having adequate rest in-between workouts is also vital for recovery and growth. Working out every day might feel like a good idea, but in reality, the lack of rest can stunt your progress.

To begin helping you incorporate functional movement, I will be sharing videos to go along with each day mentioned in the suggested schdule. Stay tuned - I am so excited to share.

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