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3 Supplement Pitfalls to Look Out For

When it comes to supplementation, I see three main areas that women can easily fall into:

  • Taking something because you saw someone else take it

  • Taking low-quality brands

  • Taking too much of something

I cover these areas in the video, and here's a written explanation of why these are the three main areas that women can struggle within.

Taking Something Because You Saw Someone Else Take It

Sometimes, you can luck out and stumble across a great supplement suggestion online or through a fiend. However, more often than not - women are ordering random supplements that "sound good" just because they read somewhere online that it could help them.

It's possible to choose to take something that could be more harmful than helpful, or you could just be taking something unnecessary. You can also be missing out on something more useful for your health situation by randomly selecting supplements.

The truth is that everyone has different needs, and if you do not have guidance, it can be challenging to know if you are taking something that is beneficial for you. Like with any area of life, having clear direction can make all the difference.

Taking Low-Quality Brands

Brand quality as it relates to supplementation is something that I will always intentionally emphasize.

There are so many brands to choose from, but sometimes it can be hard to tell which brands are trustworthy. This is a subject that I will be speaking on more in-depth to understand which brands are trustworthy and which brands you should be avoiding.

Taking Too Much of Something

Taking too much of a particular nutrient is another common pitfall I see. It's important to understand that our bodies have dietary intake needs and that there is also a limit to what the body can handle. At very high doses, some nutrients are toxic.

It's easy to get to this place if you are taking blends - as in mineral blends, multivitamins, "various ailment" blends, and so on. The more overlapping you include, the more chance you are getting too much of particular nutrients, which is, of course, something to look out for.

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