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Why Nutrition Matters

Welcome to the nutrition section of Worthy Womanhood! In this membership, I will be sharing weekly nutrition content with you. As an integrative nutritionist, nutrition is the foundation of the work that I do! I want you to become educated and empowered so that you can make the best decisions in your health.

To help things get started in the best way, I wanted to share why nutrition is so very important when it comes to health and wellness. The food you eat impacts the body significantly. The food we feed our bodies essentially sends messages to our bodies by telling our bodies what to do, what to prioritize, what to repair, what to strengthen, and so on.

Why Nutrition Matters

Nutrition Provides our Bodies with Energy

At the most basic level, each bite of food we take provides our bodies with energy with each calorie we eat. A calorie of food is nothing more than a measurement unit representing energy that the body obtains from food. Everything that we do requires energy; breathing, speaking, sleeping, walking, writing a sentence, opening a door, and so on.

The only way our bodies can carry us through life is because we consume calories. Insufficient calories intake means that the body is not getting enough energy to perform at optimal function. An oversupply of energy via calorie intake means that an individual is intaking more energy than used, which will go towards muscle growth or fat storage on the body.

Energy units (calories) are expressed through the three macronutrients: carbs, protein, and fat. To gain an understanding of macronutrient awareness, check out this explanation here.

Nutrition Provides the Raw Materials and Nutrients We Need To Thrive

Another purpose of the body is to provide vitamins and minerals to the body. Although we can actively feel the satiety (feelings of fullness, hunger satisfaction), we can't as easily measure how nourished our cells are, even though there is as much of a need for that kind of nourishment in the body. Adequate nutrient levels are needed to prevent disease and maintain vitality.

For an individual's body to function at the highest level, it needs adequate nutrients from vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and polyphenols. A lack of nutrients will lead to dysfunction and disease and impact your body's ability to carry out necessary functions.

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