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Whole Foods Grocery Haul

Sometimes it can be easy to walk into the grocery store and not know what to get. Maybe you feel like you're randomly grabbing items, hoping that everything goes well together, or maybe you just need some new ideas to spice things up.

In this grocery haul video, I'll be walking you through the items that I strategically selected together to give you ideas of what you can buy from Whole Foods to eat for the week. As the week goes on, I'll be sharing coordinating recipes to help you prep and enjoy the coordinating meals and snacks that go along with this particular haul.


1 organic sweet potato

1 organic purple potato

1 bunch of organic rainbow carrots

16 oz organic Bella mushrooms

16 oz organic grape tomatoes

5 oz organic spinach

1 organic red bell pepper

1 onion

1 jalapeño

1 bag of small avocados

1 container of organic poultry herbs (sage, rosemary, thyme)


4 lbs bag heriloom oranges

2 lbs kiwi

3 organic honey crisp apples

10 oz organic berries

Eggs, dairy, meat, etc:

1 gallon or .5 gallon Kalona Supernatural milk

18 count Organic Valley organic pasture raised eggs, medium

24 oz Bonafide Provisions organic beef bone broth

2 lbs heirloom chicken

15 oz organic egg whites

Ground venison from Force of Nature (swap with grass fed beef if not available)

Ground ancestral blend from Force of Nature (or grass fed beef if not available)

Organic yogurt, Kalona (or Siggi's if Kalona isn't available)

Pasture raised butter

Optional additions:

Ground bison

Wild sardines (Wild Planet)

(Planning ahead with a little extra protein for the week can be a great way to be prepared in case you need an extra meal. Adding something like extra meat and some easy snacks (like sardines, oysters, tuna, etc. can be helpful.)


- Organic wild rice mix

- Sprouted organic sourdough

- Siete brand grain free tortilla chips


Grade A maple syrup

Organic mushroom bone broth

Siete taco seasoning

Siete jalapeño hot sauce

Traditional medicinals nighty night extra tea

Organic India tulsi focus tea

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