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Turkey Tail Mushroom and Oregano for Immune Support

If you have ever heard my talk about the immune system, then you might have heard me refer to my preference of an "immune-modulating" approach, vs. an immunosuppressive or an immunostimulanting approach. I compare modulation to human relationships - where modulation is a productive conversation focused on resolution, vs. suppression, which I compare to a yelling screaming fight that ends with the silent treatment. Modulation fosters a better relationship long term, and it also does not set your immune system up for future failure, as immunosuppressants do. Turkey Tail mushroom is one of my favorite choices for modulation of the immune system.

I suggest pairing an immunomodulator with a gentle anti-microbial like oregano. Oregano is a broad spectrum anti-microbial that will kill pathogens, viruses, bacteria and protozoa, which often seek to do harm to the body.

For serving size, most people will do well with a small dose for maintenance purposes, which would look like 3 drops of oregano in 4 oz. of water once a day (it's a hot oil, so be careful and add MCT oil if it's too spicy for you) + 1 dose of mushrooms according to the package. For acute conditions, you might want to try double or 3x the daily dosage for immune support. This obviously is not personal medical advice, but more so education and a glimpse inside what I do for myself and what I suggest to my clients at times when they are sick.

For brands, I like Om mushrooms and North American Herb and Spice, but I encourage you to find brands that fit your budget!

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