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Pro-metabolic Tuna Salad (protein packed + easy to make)

A spring and summer staple, tuna salad is quick, easy, and super affordable. While tuna salad typically contains mayo made with soybean oil, I suggest swapping mayo for plain greek yogurt. Here's how I make my delicious tuna salad!


3 cans skipjack, wild caught tuna

1 large organic honey crisp apple (if you can't find organic, just wash a regular apple very well)

2 tbsp. greek yogurt (add more if desired)

2 tbsp. organic sweet relish (many stores have a store brand organic relish)

6 hardboiled eggs

1 tsp. organic yellow mustard (optional)

How to Make It:

Combine tuna in a bowl, mix in copped hardboiled eggs and stir. Add in yogurt, relish and mustard, and stir. Finally, add chopped honey crisp apple and stir.

How to Enjoy:

- Eat on it's own, add to high quality bread (sprouted, gluten free w/ good oils), enjoy with Siete chips, etc. or enjoy as an addition to a tuna melt (try it with Swiss cheese and tomato.)

Tip: if you are going to the beach this spring or summer, this tuna salad is a hit for kids and adults! Pack in on ice, add avocado oil potato chips and organic juice, and you have the perfect recipe to an easy, nourishing and energy-giving meal for yourself and the whole family.

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