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Tart Cherry Evening Smoothie (for exercise recovery, blood sugar balance, and hormonal support)

Updated: May 19

If you are active, this tart cherry protein smoothie is just the thing for you. Did you know that tart cherry increases nitric oxide, which is crucial for everyone (it lowers blood pressure, supports blood flow), but especially for those who workout or are always running around.

It's simple, delicious, and nourishing. I'll tell you how to make it below!


1 cup organic cherries

1/4 cup organic tart cherry juice

1 cup organic yogurt (look for at least 18 grams of protein per serving, buy lactose free if needed)

2 tbsp. collagen peptides (bovine or from cod fish)

2 ice cubes + 1 tsp. water

Optional: add 1 tbsp. inositol and 1 tbsp. l-glutamine (this is what I do!)


Add everything into a blended, blend on high for one minute (or until smooth throughout) and enjoy. Don't forget to brush your teeth afterwards if you are having this as a bedtime snack! It's nourishing, but sugar on teeth overnight is not going to be beneficial for oral health.


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