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Supplements For SIBO

While there is no particular supplement that can "cure" SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), there are a few things that can help provide some relief to those who are suffering. Namely, liver support and gastrointestinal support can be beneficial for providing some relief to those who are struggling. Although this won't address the root cause, due to SIBO being caused by a number of "root causes" that truly does require 1:1 support and functional lab testing, but it will help most find some relief.

#1 - Liver Support

Supporting your liver is key for supporting the gallbladder, kidneys, thyroid hormone conversion, blood sugar stability, and so much more. Those with SIBO are not only suffering from bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine, but also from an unsupported metabolism in every regard. My favorite option for liver support is Liver Juice by Organic Olivia (available at OrganicOlivia.com), and I also am a fan of Liver Love from Khroma, which you can purchase on Amazon.

#2 - Gastric and Intestinal Support

Gastric means stomach, hence the term, "gastrointestinal tract". While you might be expecting to see probiotics on the list of what I suggest for SIBO, I am instead going to share how you can reduce overgrowth. Sometimes, probiotics can be irritating due to the nature of SIBO, which can include an overgrowth of good and bad bacteria in the small intestine. One of the most gentle options is to use a low dose berberine taken in the middle of meal, because this will support the body in serval different ways, including being: antimicrobial, blood sugar stabilizing, stomach acid supportive, and full of antioxidants. I suggest Thorne, which you can find online or at your local health food store. Two other favorites of mine include Aloe (especially if you lean towards constipation), and throat coat tea by Traditional Medicinals.

#3 - Stress Support

One area of health that must be addressed as it related to SIBO relief is stress management. Some options that are SIBO safe include: skullcap, holy basil, and schisandra berry. Herb Pharm, Traditional Medicinals, and Gaia Herbs are three amazing, reliable sources for herbs. In addition, flower essences (by Bach) can be helpful for addressing emotional stress at a cellular level, especially when paired with EFT, the emotional freedom technique.

As mentioned, SIBO is complex and there is great reward to working 1:1 to address and resolve SIBO. If you have any particular questions, be sure to ask during the weekly Q&A, and if you want to get on my waitlist for the rest of 2021, click here.

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