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September 24th Q&A Coaching

1. What are good ways to increase iron levels? :58

2. Hi Kourtney! After testing positive for COVID at 30 weeks pregnant, my doctor wants me to take a baby aspirin for the rest of pregnancy to help prevent blood clots. Do you have any thoughts about baby aspirin during pregnancy? 2:28

3. A little background on my situation: never had regular periods and was put on hormonal birth control when I was 18. When I was around 23 I went off the pill and me and my husband started trying for a baby! I wasn’t pregnant after a year so my doctor recommended clomid- I did 4 rounds and that did not work. Ultrasound confirmed multiple cysts on ovaries and PCOS was expected. I did whole30 and got pregnant the next month! The entire process was over 18 months. Fast forward to January of this year and I got pregnant again! Sadly, that pregnancy ended in miscarriage due to a chromosome abnormality. We just started trying to get pregnant again and I wanted to know if you have any advice?! I don’t want it to be another 18 month process and I want to have a healthy pregnancy! Any advice is truly appreciated!! *Looking back, I totally should have addressed the root cause earlier but I just didn’t know much about PCOS. I am getting a thyroid antibody test next Wednesday, as my mom has Hashimoto. I have also changed my diet to begin to regulate my insulin and started taking inositol.* 2:56

4. Can you talk a little about caffeine intake and hormones? Have been hearing mixed opinions lately on whether it is safe or beneficial to consume when experiencing issues such as PCOS, prolonged cycles etc. 8:37

5. I read your post about "post birth control steps" but are there any steps we should take to prepare for coming off of birth control? I've been on BC for 10 years and as much as I want to come off of it, I am very nervous about how my body will respond to stopping after being on it for so long. 10:38

6. I have been experiencing a lot of muscle twitching and cramps lately, and I am pretty sure it is mineral-related as I have been under a lot of stress. I have been taking magnesium, but how do I know the right quantity? The 400mg of chelated mag glycinate that I have been taking doesn't seem to be making much of an impact. 13:22

7. Do you have good hair product- shampoo etc. recommendations? 15:08

8. What would you suggest for someone who is experiencing high anxiety while pregnant ? OB recommends Zoloft.15:49

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