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September 10th Q&A Coaching

1. My husband has tiny red dots on his legs, I think it’s called strawberry legs. Do you know what might cause this and how we can get rid of it? :50

2. I’m turning 35 this month and am thinking of trying to get pregnant in the next 9 months to a year. I know time is not on my side. What do you suggest i focus on to start preparing for trying to get pregnant? I need to get updated testing but I have had low thyroid, vitamin D and iron. Should I meet with my doctor and have new/additional testing? Discuss wanting to get pregnant?What areas of nutrition are most important? 1:40

3. I am a vegetarian and have a feeling my pcos and thyroid issues have come up due to my diet. I choose this diet because of personal morals, not necessarily health. With my desperate need to work towards better health naturally without my meds, do you personally believe I can achieve this through nutrition on the current path I’m on? I’m not sure I’m willing to bend on eating certain things. 7:11

4. Hi, I have severe eczema with cracking and bleeding of the skin on my hands and would like to know if you can recommend an immediate and more prolonged approach to heal this?Do you have experience with women in their 30's and premature menopause as well as HRT?Thank you! 10:54

5. I recently got the COVID vaccine in May and have noticed I have been so exhausted. A friend recommended that the supplement NAC could help me feel better and more energized again. Do you recommend this/dosage/any other suggestions on how to recover from getting the vaccine? 12:54

6. My boyfriend was just told he has high cholesterol. How can he lower it naturally? 15:31

7. What are your thoughts on "BOO baths" and fulvic/humic acid? 16:15

8. Hey Kourt! What are your thoughts on air fryers? Do they emit the same kind of radiation as microwaves, therefore not a great idea to use all the time, or are they pretty safe for using regularly? 17:08

9. I am still breast-feeding my 19 month old son, and I have still not had my first period. However, over the last several months I have begun having cysts rupture on my ovaries. I do have PCOS, so I’ve been told it could take my body even longer to get my first cycle back, especially since I am breast-feeding. Is there anything you would recommend I do? I generally eat a minimum of 150 g of protein a day (though all are not from animal sources. I probably get 50 g a day from Pea protein powder), 200g of complex carbs, and 80 g of fat. I avoid gluten, dairy, soy, and inflammatory oils. I do eat nuts on a daily basis, probably 1 to 2 servings. I have more recently been reading more about pro metabolic eating, so I am reconsidering introducing raw dairy, and maybe cutting back on my pea protein consumption. What are your thoughts? 18:45

10. Hi Kourtney! Any tips to get smell/taste back after COVID? I'm also pregnant, so I know that limits certain supplements for me. Thanks! 21:27 I hope this can help as well: https://covidtasteandsmellrecovery.com/

11. Broke out in stress hives yesterday. I’m 10 months postpartum and still feel like I’m dealing with some postpartum anxiety. Any suggestions? Any supplements? 23:39

12. I have been dealing with lots of fluid in both ears for the last few months. My NP just keeps saying it is allergies, but I’m wondering if it might be related to histamine/estrogen excess? Have you seen this before? Any tips? 24:40

13. Is there anything I can take (being pregnant) that can help boost my immune system and help in prevention for covid? Thank you! 25:42

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