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Seasoned Bone Broth + Carrot (quick, easy, gut health supporting snack)

If you're looking for an nourishing snack that is easy to have on the go, look no further that this simple broth + carrot combo. I suggest prepping carrots at the beginning of the week by peeling them (the carrot in this picture isn't peeled, but peeling makes them easier for digestion) + storing them in a glass container for easy access.

For bone broth, you can either make your own (recipe coming soon!) or buy pre-made broth at the store. Make sure to look for bone broth, and not just regular broth. Bone broth contains a much more significant amount of protein, which makes it great for a mid-day snack.


1-3 peeled carrots (not baby carrots - look for whole, organic carrots)

1 cup bone broth

Additional spices: sea salt, cayenne, parsley, garlic, etc.

The purpose behind this snack is to fuel the body with some quick carbs and protein, but also to support the health of the gut in a powerful way. The fiber from the carrot will help move excess estrogen out of the body, and also lower endotoxin - a toxin that is present inside a bacterial cell and is released when the cell disintegrates. The amino acids in the bone broth work towards healing the gut lining, and also supporting the balance of amino acids that the body is receiving. This is an especially important factor if you consume quite a bit of muscle meats.

What time of day should you have this snack? I've found this this is a great mid-morning or post lunch snack, but you can also have it before bed. The warm broth is especially soothing during a busy day, and I've found that adding spices that are warming makes it even more of a grounding experience.

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