• Kourtney

Rotisserie Chicken Tacos ( Quick and Easy)

I love this meal because it's delicious and super easy to make. By simply picking up a Rotisserie chicken, you save a lot of time and money!

You will need:

Free Range Rotisserie Chicken 6 oz., 3 oz per taco

2 Siete cassava tortillas

One whole avocado

Siete taco seasoning (mild or spicy)

Siete hot sauce

Optional: chopped jalapenos, organic tomatoes

How to make it:

Heat tortilla in oven for 4 minutes

Add pulled chicken to warmed tortillas (heating optional, heat in a pan if needed)

Add avocado, seasoning, any hot sauce, + additional toppings

Enjoy! If you need more food, then double the recipe.

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