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Rebounding For Lymph Drainage

While we have already talked about dry brushing for lymphatic drainage, it's important to know that there are other ways to support lymphatic flow/drainage. One of the easiest ways is to rebound using a trampoline. You can use a large trampoline, or you can buy a small trampoline and use it in your home, where you can also store it away when not in use.


1. Get a Rebounding Trampoline - you can find these through a quick Google search, or on Amazon. I found one on Amazon that was under $40, so look around until you find one that's within budget and has great reviews if you choose to go the Amazon route.

2. Start with 5 minutes a day, then increase to 10, then 15, and then 20. You can rebound while listening to music, while watching TV, or while looking out of a window as a way to unwind.

How does rebounding work?

Rebounding stimulates lymphatic flow through movement, as seen below. It also increases bone health, and supports a strong abdomen through working the core.

How many times should you rebound weekly? Aim for 3x a week minimum, which can be done morning, afternoon, or night, although most people might find that rebounding after a full day of work can be the most refreshing time, as it can also help clear the mind, literally (as we have lymph in our brain) and figuratively, as rebounding can be a surprising fun activity.

Here's a link to the rebounding trampoline I purchased.

For insight into how rebounding stimulates lymph drainage, please see the depiction below.

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