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Quick Tips to Help, Not Hurt Your Hormones

Sometimes, we need quick tips to help us re-adjust, re-focus, and get on a better path towards wellness. Below, you will find quick and easy tips that can help you stay focused and thrive despite a busy, demanding life.

Eat all 3 macronutrients, at least 3 times a day:

Carbs, protein & fats are all needed for quality hormone production. Here's why :

Low fat diet can decrease the amount of estrogen and progesterone created by the body, and low protein diet can decrease estrogen, affect fertility and menstrual cycle in a negative way Low carb diet can increases cortisol levels something we definitely don't want! (Cortisol is stress hormone that when released, can stay elevated throughout the entire day - which oftentimes, has negative consequences.)

Avoid products that contain estrogen mimicking chemicals:

Many conventional body care, beauty care, household cleaning supplies and candles contain chemicals that mimics estrogen. When we use these products it can lead to estrogen dominance. This can look like PMS, heavy and/or painful periods, decreased sex drive, mood swings, anxiety & depression and lots of other things. I will talk more in depth it and swaps for these products soon, there's just a lot of information on it. (Stay tuned for an upcoming post!)

Get quality sleep / rest :

The whole system of hormones (called the endocrine system) becomes impaired when you are chronically sleep deprived. Aim to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night, and aim for a 9 or 10 PM bedtime.

Check out how to make your own routine from the post called "Crafting a Relaxing Bedtime Routine" located in the "Movement & Self Care" section here on Worthy Womanhood.

Stress Less

Chronic stress depletes the body of some of the vitamins & minerals needed for hormonal support. When your body is stressed, it runs through minerals and vitamins at a faster pace, making stress reduction a vital part of nourishment.

Being in a stressed state can keep you in a sympathetic state. We want to be in a parasympathetic state specifically needed for proper digestion. Parasympathetic = resting. We need to rest in order to digest. If we can't digest our food properly, our body can't absorb & utilize all the nutrients from food that's eaten to use for hormone production or much else for that matter.

A great outlet for stress reduction is movement/exercise. When either of these are done, the body can expels stress hormones faster. For movement ideas, check out the "movement/self care" section of Worthy Womanhood.

Aim to Get Adequate Sunlight

The sun and the moon control your sleep wake cycle which is controlled through hormones from the brain. Light exposure in the morning pushes your body for an earlier bed time. When you are exposed to light in the evening, yes even the lights in your house, your body pushes for a later bedtime.

Make sure to get morning sun; 20-30 mins between 8 and - noon, the earlier the better! If you can, wear blue light blocking glasses in the evening evening until you go to bed.

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