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October 29th Q&A Coaching

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1. I just decided to stop taking the pill. Taking into effect a lot of what I’ve learned from you. What advice do you have for me? I want to track my cycle and also my blood sugar, what can I use?

2. After getting Covid in September, I have felt swollen/more inflamed. I've tried to incorporate dry brushing, magnesium baths, and turmeric supplements to combat this, but I still feel puffier than usual. Have you heard of this before? Do you have any recommendations? Thank you!

3. Hi Kourtney! When I drink wine, beer and sometimes liquor, I get an almost immediate reaction of sneezing, congestion, itchy eyes. I didn’t always have this reaction. I started noticing it when I was 25/26 years old (I’m 32 now). If I take an Allegra before I drink I don’t have a reaction, or its significantly diminished. Any ideas on why this might have developed?

4. I wanted to know how many days should a normal period last? Also, how heavy should it be? Mine has always been 7 full days & super super heavy. After I started eating metabolically, my period is about 4 days now & the 4th day just spotting. Sometimes it will be 5 days but it will not last longer than 5 days. The first two days are a total regular period. Not too heavy and not too light.

5. Do you think there is ever a time to take Ascorbic acid or Vit D? We went through a gut protocol with my daughter's ND and now she's suggesting an Ascorbic acid+Quercetin mix, D3 +k2 along with probiotics and other gut healing. I expressed my concerns with Vit C and copper possibly being depleted, but she just keeps saying that my daughter needs a lot of nutrients for gut healing.

6. Hi Kourt! My labs recently came back showing low pregnenolone and my functional NP is recommending that I begin supplementing. I'm hesitant given that I want to know what is causing my pregnenolone to be low rather than just exogenously adding it back in. Do you have any suggestions?

7. I've been on levothyroxine for a few years and I'm wondering what I can do to ease off of it/no longer need it. My TSH was 3.7, and after starting a 50mg dose of levo it went down to 2.3. But, after a few years of staying in the 2.5ish range, my TSH went back up to 3.6 even on the medication. So, now I'm on 80mg of levo and my TSH is 1.8, but I'd like to be able to heal the thyroid issue and not rely on the levothyroxine.

8. My sister is 5 months post pardum and struggles with post pardum depression. She was on birth control for years prior to being pregnant to "manage her PCOS", and only had one cycle between getting off birth control. Her doctor has no advice except to get back on birth control. Because of her depression, she only has capacity for small changes at a time...what would you suggest as the most effective things she could implement to start the process of healing her body/hormones?

9. I have a primary care doctor who I see from time to time if I'm sick and cannot cure my ailment naturally. I plan on seeing her in December and want to get some lab work done. I know that blood work (serum) isn't always the best method of measuring health, but are there some lab values you recommend having checked? What would you want ran on you?

10. Hi!! One of the issues that I have is eating sugar. I think it’s another reason why I can’t lose weight. I’m trying to break the habit. Can you give me any advice?

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