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October 1st Q&A Coaching

1. What is a good quick breakfast snack in the morning? I take my daughter to school every morning and I barely have time to sit down to eat. I love eating scrambled eggs after I drop her off, but I want to eat within 30 mins of waking up. :25

2. Just wondering is there a vitmain/mineral needed along with folic acid to help with absorption? My husband found out he's low in it and supplements don't seem to be helping much. (We're hoping to try for a baby soon so want those levels up!) 1:33

3. I loved working 1-on-1 with you last year and have been enjoying the membership so much! I am having a breast lift and augmentation procedure late November. This is something I have been self conscious about for years and have given much thought and research into. I'd like to know your thoughts on how to best prepare my body for this surgery, as I have never done anything like this before let alone been under general anesthesia. Any recommendations on foods to eat/or avoid, supplements or health practices to prepare my body for the procedure and for healing afterwards? 2:27

4. Just a little background I have started to have really heavy periods. What could possibly be causing this? I’m in my 40’s and have a pretty regular cycle. 5:27

5. Any other small additions to my supplement or lifestyle routine for PCOS/hashimotos improvement I should be considering? Already liver juice x2/ day, beef liver/kidney, ovasitol, regular meals & adding some of the suggested nutrition. Thanks in advance! 5:59

6. What is your opinion on supplementing beef ovary and uterus for PCOS? Could this help? 7:57

7. Hey Kourt! I was vegan 7 years and swore I’d continue to be for life, but in the past couple of years I really started to notice my health decline. Horrible period cramps, super thin hair that grew slowly and broke off fast, really bad acne, and bad breath to name a few. In the past year I’ve started incorporating eggs & fish and have seen slight improvements in all said issues, but not much. Any suggestions? I’m open to incorporating more animal products or really anything at this point. Thank you! 8:26

8. I’m tired all the time and during the pandemic have become heavier than I want. I want to lose weight and feel energized. Help 10:42

9. I know this is for women but I want my husband to be at his best too! Any general recommendations for men such as also prioritizing mag/na/k+? Dose of organ meats, etc? 11:04

10. Do you have any suggestions for managing intense cyclical anxiety (beyond tapping and breathwork) while working toward hormonal healing? 12:09

11. Hi Kourtney! I'm not sure if you have any answers or resources for this, but is there anything I can do to increase my amniotic fluid in the third trimester? I just learned that mine is slightly below the typical range, and I want to keep it up high enough! 13:16

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