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Nutritional Support During The Beginning of Your Cycle

During the menstrual phase of the cycle, it's important to give your body the support it needs. In order to truly prepare for this phase, it's important to support the entire cycle and have a strong ovulation, but there are specific steps that can be taken to support your body while in the "period" phase of your cycle.

There are 3 main nutritional things that I suggest doing: supporting your mineral reserves, balancing blood sugar, and adding in magnesium.

Support Your Minerals - adding extra flake salt on food, using electrolyte drops (Trace Minerals has a great one), and grabbing an afternoon adrenal cocktail are all great ways to support your mineral status. You could also add seaweed to your savory food for iodine, and cocoa to sweet food for extra magnesium.

Tip: try a smoothie with cocoa and banana for a boost of magnesium and potassium. I like using greek yogurt, a frozen banana, and dark cocoa + plenty of ice and high quality milk. For my smoothie formula, click here!

Balance Your Blood Sugar - it's important to stabilize blood sugar throughout the entire cycle, but it become increasingly important during the luteal phase (the phase right before mensuration) and while you are at the beginning of your period, especially. Eat protein with carbs, add fiber (carrots, apples, kiwi, avocado) to your meals, and avoid working out fasted, fasting in general, and going to bed even slightly hungry (a bedtime snack works wonders for so many women).

Tip: if you struggle with insulin resistance, watch this video to learn more about how to work towards improving your current situation.

Add Magnesium - taking a warm magnesium bath, spraying magnesium spray on your abdomen and lower back (it can be itchy, but it's tolerable and short-lived in my experience), and taking magnesium in pill or liquid form can help significantly. Magnesium is responsible for over 300 reactions in the body, including reactions that lead to muscular relaxation.

Tip: to find a magnesium that works for you, check out this post.

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