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November 29th Q&A Coaching

1. What are your thoughts on advanced trs supplement for heavy metal detoxification?

2. What to do about hormonal appetite changes and ovulation pain?

3. Went to the dentist and my tooth was fractured and dentin was exposed. They filled it but said I will probably need a crown eventually. Are there health risk factors to a crown? It won’t be a choice when it comes down to it because my tooth will be in so much pain so I don’t see a way out of it

4. What are some of your recommendations/supplements for supporting digestion in pregnancy when digestion is slower?

5. Why would someone have low melatonin levels and what is your thought on melatonin supplementation?"

6. What are the best pots and pans you’d recommend? I’ve read enough about cast iron to make me get rid of them, what’s next best options, thanks!

7. What do you know could cause red spots around the eyes and dark circles under the eyes? I’ve heard it could be a food sensitivity but I don’t know. Please advise on what you think would be the first things to eliminate to see?

8. I’ve been recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. My TPO antibodies are 54 and my TG antibodies 3.5. I have changed my diet to Gluten, dairy and sugar free (as much as possible) but was wondering if you recommend any certain food sensitivities testing?

9. Hi! I am 11 months post bc pill. Its been a very bumpy journey. I have been eating every well. Taking a recommended supplements by my functional doc but i am still not back to my old self. I am starting to wonder if i developed PCOS and am wondering what should be my first step in testing. I also get really bad ovulation pain, bloating and cramping during that time. My periods are managable only the first day i am in alot of pain. Let me know what you think.

10. Can bamboo shoots cause diarrhea?

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