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Non-Toxic Hair Care

We consciously try to nourish our bodies with healthy and clean foods. It’s easy to think about good, healthy foods directly connecting with good, healthy bodies, but we’ve got to cast our nets wider and deeper. All the things we surround ourselves with have a great impact on our overall health.

Personal care product laws haven't been changed since 1938. Since then, there have been 80,000 chemicals added to such products, and only 10% of them have been tested for human safety. Can you even wrap your hair around that?

Hair care products usually have the longest, most chemical-filled ingredient lists out there.

Since clean and green seems to be what everyone is going for today, many companies go for "greenwashing" their products by presenting environmentally-friendly and “healthy” images on the outside, with toxic contents sitting inside the bottles. While these products aren’t nearly as clean as they seem, their ingredient lists are truly just as bad, if not worse, than the other products on the shelves. We know it’s so important to look at the ingredient lists of the foods we put inside our bodies, but it’s just as important that we do the very same for whatever we put on the outside, too!

Our skin is our largest organ, and the scalp is part of it. Anything we put on our skin is absorbed by the body, and eventually makes it to our bloodstream. Now that’s something we’ve got to wrap our heads around...

Let's talk about the 5 most common ingredients found in hair care products. Keep in mind, these ingredients that are used on our scalps are absorbed into our bloodstreams.

  • Sulfates strip moisture, cause scalp irritation, and disrupt hormones.

  • Parabens can contribute to hair loss, worsen dermatitis, mimic and disrupt hormones (estrogen, to be specific), and pose harm to fertility/reproductive organ health.

  • Fragrance can affect respiratory health, disrupt hormones, reproductive, and developmental health, and may cause birth defects.

  • Triclosan can disrupt the immune system and hormones, and may cause allergic reactions and contact dermatitis.

  • Polyethylene Glycol is harsh on the scalp and hair, known to be an ingredient similar to antifreeze, and can be disruptive to human development.

Beware of your hair care? Absolutely. As you can see, there are some extremely toxic ingredients that we could be absorbing into our bodies from hair care products alone! Whenever you’re ready to make the switch, try to start paying attention to your bottles and move away from chemical-filled products. Consider trying non-toxic, holistic personal care brands, such as Under Luna and Acure, which use truly nourishing ingredients that support overall health and wellness.

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