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May 6th Q&A Coaching

  1. I took accutane 5 years ago (of course wish I hadn’t now). Is there anything I can do to heal the damage it does?

  2. What is your opinion on salad for people with IBS. I only eat it when there is nothing available for me to eat but then I feel bad for 3 days after stomach pain/ diarrhea. Why is this?

  3. Could you explain how a virus can trigger autoimmunity? I have a friend who we believe the virus may have contributed to triggering her Jak-2 diagnosis so I want to be able to explain how that may have happened and steps for her to take functionally. The conventional route is to take a chemotherapy drug every day for the rest of her life. Thanks! ( virus’s proteins happen to resemble normal human proteins.

  4. I just completed a mycotoxin test and found that I have high levels of the Aspergillus species (Aflatoxin M1 & G1) and moderate levels of the Chaetomium globosum species. I recently got an Air Doctor, but wanted to see if you have any recommendations for how I can support my body to heal from mycotoxins? Thanks!

  5. I got a full-body thermography scan done yesterday, and while awaiting full results, I was advised to begin working on my drainage pathways. Any tips on that? She mentioned CellCore phase 1 cleanse, dry brushing, movement, and after the phase 1 to do a lymphatic drainage massage appointment. Any other ideas I can do on my own to help promote that stagnant stuff? Thanks!

  6. Can you talk about root causes for fungal overgrowth? Is autoimmunity a main cause for susceptibility you see?

  7. Can magnesium be helpful for PCOS?

  8. If I have already tried cutting gluten and dairy out, and I still feel like I’m having unexplained food responses, is there anything else I can try reducing or removing?

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