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May 3rd Q&A Coaching

1. I recently got off of birth control and now I am losing so much hair! Any ideas on what could be causing this and steps to take to fix it? :35

2. My husband has a stomach ulcer. I started him on Saccharomyces Boulardii probiotic. Any other natural treatments to help it heal quickly? Also, how does he avoid them... I was thinking gluten free would be good. 2:45

3. Hi ! If my body mostly stocks fat in my thighs since I have never been able to get them as lean as other parts of my body, does it mean that I have too much estrogen or is it just the way my body is ? Thank you ! :) 5:05

4. how do you feel about eating lots of sardines, salmon and tuna? so many different opinions due to high PUFA of sardines and salmon and high mercury in tuna. 6:19

5. I just watched your video on acne. Spironolactone made my skin literally perfect, off of it I have acne... so many clogged pores on my face and body. You mentioned cream of tartar as a good option when I did some more research I learned that you have to be careful not to take too much so you don't get hyperkalemia or overdose... so how much would you recommend to take? I do drink coconut water + eat fruit as well. Thank you! 8:20

6. I have heard the terms "estrogen detox" and "estrogen dump" used in the PM space and I am pretty confident that is what I'm going through and its rough! I am in perimenopause and started eating PM around December and I also came off of some BHRT which I felt weren't working for me, but I still use progesterone. I have noticed since then and since implementing some of these new eating habits as well as hormone and liver support(raw carrot salad, castor oil packs, dandelion tea and milk thistle) that I'm also having increased bloating, weight gain and breast tenderness. I just keep hoping that it is this detox as you and others have described. In your opinion and experience how long does it take to get through this- I know you don't know me specifically but is there a general time frame that I can look towards to see light at the end of the tunnel?? All of this seems like I am going backwards and almost as if i was doing better before I started all of this!! 10:02

7. Do you have a brand of coconut water you recommend? I've been wanting to add it into my diet but have been struggling to find a brand that doesn't add a lot of sugar. 13:45

8. I really struggle with bloating after starting to eat more pro-metabolic. My digestion is normal(I am taking a soil-based probiotic!) but bloating is so bad! I drink ACV before every meal. I do drink milk-kefir, and I just saw your comment on Sibo and fermented foods. How do I get rid of sibo without cutting carbs? I am eating honey, maple syrup, white rice and local, organic potatos(always w protein and fats ofc). I feel like fruit makes me worse. Except from bloating I am overall feeling better, sleeping better, more energy etc. 14:28

9. Question about bumps on arms and legs of child. She’s 6 and has these dry bumps on arms and legs. Possibly Keritosis Polaris, child is really healthy, no medical procedures done on her ever, not on medications. What can we do to help them go away? 17:48

10. Should I have a bedtime snack if I am trying to lose weight? I usually have breakfast, lunch, snack, and then dinner around 6-7 and bed around 10:30. If so, what’s a good bedtime snack? I am not really in the mood for hard boiled eggs etc at that time haha. Thanks! 19:05

11. I have PCOS, and my most significant symptom has always been acne. I’ve tried a lot of different ways to get rid of it and have been following your advice for the past couple months. I recently stopped eating dairy about 1 month ago, and my acne completely cleared up more than ever before. Additionally, I’m in a noticeably better mood ever since I started eating it. That being said, I’ve never had digestive issues with dairy. Why would you suspect this would happen? What foods or other sources of nutrients/vitamins should I be having to make sure I’m still getting all the nutrients I need without dairy? And what would you recommend doing long term (continuing to not eat dairy, trying it later, etc.)? 19:48

12. I would love to learn more about increasing energy levels, i always feel fatigued even when im not doing very much and ofcourse im not obese or anything so it sort of baffles me. I know its probably related to a nutrient deficiency but not sure how to naturally fight it 22:22

13. I struggle with pcos and have been taking inositol for the past 6 months, I have been eating more of a pro metabolic eating style for the last year and still not getting my period back. I balance my meals with protein, carbs, and fat and balance my blood sugar. I'd like to be able to try for a baby this year but with no period I'm starting to wonder what other issues could be the cause. I feel pretty good eating this way and have actually noticed more energy and overall better moods. The only thing that has brought my period back is metformin, so I am assuming I have a pretty severe case of insulin resistance and pcos. I don't want to take that medication for many obvious reasons and would love to work 1:1 with someone, but have also spent a lot of money on my naturopath and trying to get some guidance until I can afford 1:1. Thank you! 24:07

14. I was prescribed 10 mg of adderall 1x a day for almost a year and recently stopped taking it. It helped with focus but also caused anxiety, rapid weight loss, and hair thinning. How can I best support my body as it finds a new equilibrium? 28:16

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