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May 31st Q&A Coaching

1. After taking saccromycees Boulardii massive bloating occurred, painful bloating in the upper part of abdomen and loads of gas. Is it doing something right and should push through or is it not the right strain? :26

2. I saw that you have recommended 100% Pure as a good skincare line, but I am having a super hard time finding a pufa free sunscreen option(theirs has sunflower oil, etc). Do you have one you recommend, or is the amount of pufas in their natural sunscreens not super concerning for once a week/few hours usage? 4:05

3. I was wondering if you had advice for someone with ‘slight’ (just what the dr told me) hypothyroidism. I am currently on medication and would love to eventually get off and heal my body naturally. I feel good day to day except about every 2 weeks I go through a couple days where I am very low energy and my neck feels swollen. Anything specific I should be doing to heal? Currently taking beef liver, magnesium glycinate, eating carbs & dairy & trying to remember my carrot salad daily!! 6:06

4. Hey! I recently had some blood work done and it came back that I had low progesterone, high testosterone and I was estrogen dominant. I wanted to know if it’s possible to address these major issues simultaneously or if I have to address them individually. I know there are supplements and dietary things to do for boosting progesterone. But I wouldn’t want to just focus on progesterone and have my other hormonal issues get worse. 8:45

5. Can you take ovisitol and instantly? If not which is better if you have regular cycles, don't want pregnancy, but want to get rid if belly bloat? 13:48

6. I asked this question a few months ago but forgot to go back and look then I think it phased out after a while because I couldn't find it. I'm so sorry for repeating!Is there a way to reverse food allergies ? Was vegetarian for 7 years developed allergy to coconut and cashews (skin and food allergy) among some other issues. I have had the allergy for about 4 years now. Almost everything non toxic and or natural contains coconut so I'm hoping to reverse it. 15:28

7. Is a Berkey water filter enough to produce clean water? What's the difference between Berkey and Pristine Hydro? 17:44

8. Hi Kourtney! What is your opinion of beet powder? While obviously not the same as beets, I really like putting it in coffee but didn’t know if it had any real nutritional benefits. Thanks!! 19:32

9. Thoughts on Borage Oil supplements? Do they help with inflammation? 20:05

10. If we can't find the milk brand you recommend what should we look for in the milk we buy 22:10

11. is there a supplement you recommend for methane and hydrogen types of sibo that is good for someone with an autoimmune disorder? i just dont want to stimulate the immune system more, trying to calm it down haha 23:53

12. What are some good alternatives for coffee for energy/focus? I usually drink a cup in the morning or when I’m doing homework but it has recently began to give me heartburn problems. Thank you!! 26:54

13. Is there a workout program/app you recommend for PCOS? 27:14

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