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May 24th Q&A Coaching

1. I have been working with a holistic doctor/nutritionist for a while and after recently getting my DUTCH test results, part of the protocol she is putting me on involves taking fish oil to help with my excess estrogen. I know fish oil can be a source of PUFAS and I sent her an article expressing my concern. Would you recommend I respectfully tell her I don't feel comfortable taking it haha or is it not that big or a deal/harmful to the body? :51

2. Do you recommend using saunas? I've seen other healthcare practitioners recommend saunas 3:24

3. Hello!! I saw you said no castor oil packs while pregnant, I wanted to double check on nursing? Is that safe? Also are there any teas I need to avoid while nursing. I feel like the world tells you all of the things you can’t do while pregnant or nursing and I find myself over whelmed and nervous to do anything for the fear of hurting my little one that’s exclusively breast fed. I struggle with headaches, acne, painful periods(although mine hasn’t come back yet almost 6mo PP) Castor Oil packs is something I want to start incorporating to see if it helps. Thank you! Loving this membership, I’m learning a lot. 3:43

4. Hopefully this Q is ok to ask. You don't have to give your opinion on vaccines but my daughter is 1.5 years old now. She received her last shot at around 8 months after being vaccine injured multiple times. I have the MTHFR gene mutation so I'm pretty sure she does as well.She had dairy allergies, eczema, "colic", brain encephalitis, knots on her legs and fevers either acutely or chronically. She no longer has a dairy allergy.I've done the bentonite clay foot detox on her as well as bath detox but I'm wondering if I need to do a further detox? I've heard of TRS. Is something like this necessary? If so, anything you recommend? 5:52

5. I have 2 questions that you might have already touched on so I apologize in advance. 1. Is drinking (responsibly of course) ok ? Like a glass of wine at dinner or cocktails with brunch. I don’t know what role this plays in a healthy lifestyle so I would love clarity. 2. Detox drinks. Not specifically for weight loss but for removing waste from the system. Is this a no no? 8:55

6. hey okay so i assume this is a myth lol but does carbonated water actually pull minerals out of your body or no? ahah i always used to limit my carbonated water intake but now i have a soda stream to make mag bicarb 13:15

7. Hi ! I was wondering if it can be harmful to take melatonin a couple times a week before bed ? Thank you ! 14:00

8. Hi Kourt! As someone with possible Hashimoto's ("normal" thyroid labs, but subclinical elevated antibodies), would Ancestral Supplements Grassfed Thyroid be beneficial? Also looking into their Bone and Marrow -- currently only taking desiccated beef liver, but after hearing about the "like heals like" mentality, I was curious about your thoughts! 15:12

9. In April I was on my period heading from Utah to Oklahoma, while I was in Oklahoma I finished my period and drove back to Utah a day or two after. I was home for about 4 days before I started to have dry blood. I thought that it would only last a couple days but it lasted all the way until I started my next period. Once I started to really bleed I have had some pretty bad cramps and I've been exhausted. I was just wondering what is going on with my body and what would you do to get back on track? 17:03

10. I found your IG account some time ago and join worthy womanhood a couple of months ago and while you have so much good information I have to say I feel really overwhelmed. I only recently started paying more attention to my health and I feel lost trying to figure out where to start. Do you have any recommendations?Should I be logging symptoms/issues? Requesting testing? Focusing of one area? Please help. I want to feel better and be healthy but I don’t know where to start. 18:17

11. Not even sure how to ask specific questions, but please talk about weight gain in menopause and what you would do in the midst of it 20:18

12. My question is... I have tried the smoked canned oysters multiple times, and cannot bring myself to even finish one or two oysters, no matter what food combination I try with them, and I don’t have easy access to fresh ones. Would you recommend substituting with a oyster powder supplement, or trying to get the nutrients from other sources in bigger quantities? 21:17

13. Thanks for everything you're doing here! I have PCOS and have been trying to always make sure to eat carbs & protein together. I've also begun lifting weights to build muscle. However, I can't seem to get rid of any belly fat, and actually only seem to be accumulating more. Do you have any recommendations/suggestions? Thank you! 21:46

14. Wondering what can cause mood irritability around ovulation? I do take a small amount of progesterone the last two weeks of my cycle. 22:55

15. "Hi! I have low testosterone. How can i bring my levels up? I’m currently trying to bring my progesterone levels up by eating metabolic as well. Thank you! - I think that my dog barking threw me off, so I overlooked this question. So sorry about that! For low testosterone, typically this is more common in pre-menopausal, menopausal or post-menopausal women, but it can still happen in those who are having a normal cycle. Underlying causes include untreated hypothyroidism, adrenal dysfunction, and sometimes, pituitary dysfunction. Some ways to increase testosterone include strength training, get adequate sleep, make sure your vitamin D is not low, and check in on zinc as well. Oysters are full of zinc! :)

16. Hey Kourtney! Hope you had a great weekend and are feeling better. My question is kind of complicated, but I would really love your opinion. I’m 48 and have struggled with dry skin and eczema my whole life. About 6 years ago, I worked on healing my gut which did clear up my eczema. However, I still struggled with dry skin to the point my legs cracked and bled during the winters. I would often have to coat my calves with thick moisturizer and wrap them while I slept. It would get better in the summers, but I still had dry, flaky skin that had to moisturized day and night. I could put 2-3 oils on, and my skin would soak it right up. My scalp is the same way. I can go 2 or more weeks without washing my hair and not have a drop of oil on my scalp. I take a shower at night because by that time of day, my skin is so uncomfortable. So with damp skin, I have been applying rendered whipped tallow, organic shea and cocoa butter..." 24:57

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