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May 10th Q&A Coaching

1. Thoughts on proteolytic enzymes for helping with cysts, scar tissue, etc? If so, favorite brands? :38

2. How do you recommend getting enough folate when trying to conceive/during pregnancy? Is there a good supplement that you would recommend if not getting enough from diet? Also, are there any supplements that are a must if trying to conceive? I know nutrition is best, but I’m wondering if you recommend added help with supplementation? 1:31

3. I am looking to start making myself shakes/protein smoothies for breakfast or lunch and I struggle with not feeling hungry when I wake up in the morning and also not having time to sit down and eat lunch and then getting migraines later in the day because I go all day without eating. I am wondering if you can give protein powder recommendations that I can buy. I am a special education teacher and also find myself running around ( definitely a trauma response I am working on in therapy but I do want to make sure I am getting something healthy and nourishing in my body while I am working on this). Thank you any advice is appreciated. 2:45

4. How do you heal dark under eye circles? Is it related to sleep quality or am I lacking certain nutrients? 4:17

5. hey kourtney!! I know you mention using activated charcoal as a binder but wouldn't a carbon one be better because charcoal binds to nutrients + toxins where as carbon just binds to toxins? curious your thoughts, thanks so much! 4:43

6. If cavitations are present, is it still possible to find adequate healing through proper nutrition, targeted supplementation, healthy lifestyle, stress reduction ect. or will this source of present inflammation always hinder any and all attempts towards health & healing? 6:15

7. I have low progesterone, not ovulating, irregular periods as of now coming every 30-60 days (which is an amazing improvement from every 6-8 months) and have ordered bio-identical progesterone in vitamin E oil that you put on your gums, this is my first time using bio-identical... I remember in an older Q&A you said to take it for 30 days straight and then after take it after you ovulate (for that individual), is that what you usually suggest to most people or is there any information that you would give to someone just starting out on bio-identical progesterone? Thank you so much for everything that you post on here! 8:18

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