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March 29th Q&A Coaching

1. Hello! I’m struggling with my blood sugar and what I think is insulin resistance.

I’ve added inositol and NAC (for the past 6 weeks) I walk at least 30 mins a day, have added in some resistance band training, and have decreased hidden sugar in my diet. I eat fruit and have tried to up my protein but it’s challenging. I have stubborn weight around my stomach and thighs I’m not overweight but the extra 7lbs came on suddenly post birth control. My sleep is terrible. I’m curious of your thoughts on taurine? Inositol and NAC take some of the edge off. :57

2. I love drinking tea, (herbal or non caffeinated teas specifically) what teas are the most nourishing for the body, what teas are good for what things? I’ve heard nettle is good for histamine intolerance but what other herbs in teas can help with overall woman health and supporting the body? 2:47

3. I have Hashimoto’s that is looking ok at the moment - bloodwork is in a good range and I don’t have antibodies right now. I’m wondering what supplements you recommend for someone with Hashimoto’s, Estrogen dominance currently and who had SIBO previously. I’m particularly interested in whether adding NAC would help. I take 30mg armour thyroid, beef liver, oyster, inositol and vitamin E right now. Thank you so much! 4:02

4. Any supplement or lifestyle recommendations for a painful period? My first 24 hours I need to take ibuprofen and i haven’t found anything yet that works the same. I hate taking it though because I know it’s bad for the gut 6:25

5. What are foods that I can eat now that will support my liver? 9:00

6. After being a vegetarian 7 years I developed a lot of gut issues and some other issues. Food allergies being one of them. Is there a way to reverse that? Coconut, cashews, and any type of protein powder (except for straight egg white protein powder) and protein bars. 9:28

7. Hey what are goods ways to support your body to have a period. Already doing raw carrot salad and eating more often/ vitamin E. 11:30

8. I have been getting bacterial vaginosis often. My doctor wants to put me on a long term medicine to prevent me from continuously getting it. Is there anything I can do naturally to prevent this? 13:45

9. I have asked in previous Q&A's about my clogged ears which I thought was due to a dairy allergy since I had been dairy free for awhile. But it was my birthday this past week and I splurged on a lot of dairy rich foods and to my surprise didn't have a single issue. Fast forward to this morning and I had an adrenal cocktail and within 30 minutes my ears were completely clogged. This whole time I was thinking it was an issue with dairy but now I am really curious if it's an issue with orange juice instead. Honestly I never really drank a ton of orange juice before implementing a pro-metabolic style of eating and now I've been drinking it multiple times a day and even though I love it I don't want to deal with the ears issue if this is what is causing it. Have you ever heard of this happening before and if I can't drink the orange juice is there another way to get those minerals and nutrients in that orange juice provides? 14:45

10. Follow up from my thyroid question: how would I go about figuring out what is causing the TPO antibodies? I have had a very stressful 2 years, could stress alone be the root cause? Back in October I had my hormones tested and my estrogen and progesterone were low and my cortisol would start out normal in the morning and then had a steep drop and would never really recover for the day. My mercury level was also at the high end of normal, my Dr. said it was probably from old fillings when I was younger. Sorry for the long-winded question, just wanted to give you a better picture of my health. I have made nutritional changes and I do feel quite a bit better, but still not where I need to be. 15:46

11. What can I do about high blood pressure that doesn’t seem to go down no matter what I try? 18:48

12. Any brands you recommend for dairy-free yogurt and cheese? What ingredients should I look out for? 19:38

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