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March 23rd Q&A Coaching

Hey everyone, here is this week's Q&A! I hope that your week is off to a great start. This week's Q&A is a great one, so check it out, and if you haven't submitted a question yet, be sure to do that!

I do want to mention that one of the submitted questions was automatically deleted while loading the questions page. This has not happened before, and sadly I was unable to retrieve it. If you did not see your question answered, reach out to me, and I will email your answer personally. Thank you!

Have an amazing week, and stay tuned for more content coming up starting tomorrow. :)



1. Hi,I am concerned I may have lupus or another inflammatory condition I am not sure how to have my request taken serious and tested by doctors. Can you suggest which questions I may ask? :23

2. Hi there! I had my thyroid tested a few months ago and my Dr. said everything looked good. I was just looking at my results and my free T3 was barely above the low end of normal and my TPO antibodies were 68. Shouldn’t TPO antibodies be lower? My TSH was 1.3. I know it’s probably hard not being able to see my health as a whole, but what are your thoughts? Is there any way to get the antibodies lower naturally? 3:15

3. Do you have any non-toxic cookware that you use and love? 7:14

4. How long does it take to heal your body through intentional nutrition? How long will it take to notice changes? I often feel like I try to make changes in mu diet and don't notice any differences in how I am feeling, so then I end up going back to old ways. Thanks! 8:00

5. I got my A1C checked and it is 4.9. Is that considered in the healthy range? I don’t totally understand what that number indicates. 13:24

6. I've recently got some bloodwork done and found that my ferritin levels are pretty low (28). This was surprising to me because I think I'm a healthy person. I eat red meat regularly and even enjoy eating beef liver once a month. The last time I tested my ferritin levels in 2019, my levels were 30. So I'm surprised that it actually has gotten worse even though I eat more iron rich foods than before. This has made my health anxiety even worse and can't figure out what's wrong. I am currently working with a naturopathic doctor and she has me on iron supplements + Lysine & b-complex+magnesium. She also prescribed selenium to help with my thyroid (high TPO levels). However, I can't help but feel this is not dealing with the root cause of my issue. I would love to hear your opinion about my situation. Thank you!! 15:00

7. My question is about coming off of birth control. I went on birth control solely to prevent pregnancy, not really any other issues. I did have cramping on my period and would sometimes have very painful ones but I went on birth control before I got married. I don’t really have any bad side affects (that I can feel) from birth control, but I’m really wanting to come off of it because of what I’ve learned what it does to your body. I know not everyone is different, but what would you say are things that could address cramps/painful periods once off birth control? And is there any sort of “damage control” or things you should be supplying your body once you’re off birth control? I’m just a little scared to come off of it because I’m not sure exactly what to do, and there’s obviously the risk of getting pregnant. 20:26

8. Hey there, I recently started taking Beef kidney to help with histamine, should I also take the beef liver or just one? I don’t want to over do the supplements. I also purchased beef heart when I read your post about them. How would I incorporate this one too? 22:50

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