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March 1st Q&A Coaching

Here were the questions that were answered for this Q&A Coaching Video :

Note: You can find your question and see the time stamp for it!

1. How do you know if you have a bacterial overgrowth such as candida? I’ve had terrible dandruff and really dry drab skin, especially on my face, for awhile and no matter what I do for either nothing helps. Could I possibly have some kind of issue that is causing the dandruff and dry drab skin? What would be your recommendation here? :30

2. Would love to hear your personal take on the whole fish oil debacle! 4:12

3. I love these Q&As! It is so helpful to have someone in our corner! I was wondering about high cholesterol as a result of switching to cooking with saturated fats. My husband is always saying I’m going to give him high cholesterol because we’ve been taught that coconut oil and butter will clog arteries. How do I approach this? I feel so good eating this way and would hate to give my husband heart disease as a result of changing our diets. 6:26

4. I feel like my health tanked after getting a couple rounds of iron infusions after my second baby. I gained so much weight and feel like all of my symptoms got worse! I feel like my body is so stressed, even eating a PM diet. I have a hard time with carbs. Anything you would suggest to offset those infusions? thank you!! 8:48

5. Can you give any recommendations for quick and easy lunches that don't take a lot of time to prepare and don't require a lot of cooking but that have sufficient protein and carbs? I don't have a lot of time for lunch and need something quick and easy. And I am beginning to become sick of eggs :) 12:03

6. I asked last week about weight loss, I have been tracking the last few days to see where my protein/carb ratios are at and as suspected my carbs are a lot higher than my protein. At the end of the day I'm around 200g carbs and 80-90g protein and fats around 60-70g. I find it really hard to get more protein in my diet. any tips? Also wondering if the stubborn weight could be thyroid issues? What is the best type of testing for thyroid, I've heard blood work isn't always accurate? Had my thyroid tested about 10 years ago and it came back normal I'm wondering if it wasn't very specific. What do I ask for when going to test? 13:59

7. Hi! I had pretty bad carpal tunnel in the last few weeks of my pregnancy (never had it before that) and it went away once I gave birth. I’ve noticed both this month and last month in the days leading up to my period I have swelling in my hands, and it feels similar to the carpal tunnel I had in pregnancy. It goes away once I get my period. Is this PMS/normal? And is there anything I can do to help it? Thank you :) 16:55

8. I have been anovulatory since getting off birth control a few months ago. I am working on addressing the underlying hormonal imbalance but is there something that can be done specifically around the time of ovulation to support my body? 18:35

9. If you suspect you have liver and/or thyroid issues..what supplement would you recommend -- liver detox tincture or beef thyroid/liver? 20:32

10. What are some reason for not sleeping and waking up through the nights and what are some tips to help? 22:55

11. I have so many questions about soy! I've learned that it's best to avoid GMO soy, but is organic soy a problem for women too? Thanks! 22:43

12. I have been on birth control and taking spironolactone for over a year now for PCOS and acne. I have recently decided I would like to get off of medication and find a more natural treatment. Any advice? 24:33

13. I talked to a dietitian in my area and she said that you need to do a detox before you can start healing. What are your thoughts? Is a detox/cleanse necessary? Doesn’t your body naturally detox? 27:44

14. I'm curious if I'm balancing my smoothie. I make a smoothie every morning that I drink during my commute. I use 1 cup of greek whole whole milk (I only use whole milk), 4oz of oj and guava, 1 cup of garden of like collagen powder, and 1 cup of frozen mangoes. Would you leave anything out? Replace anything? 29:28

15. I would love to hear your top tips for getting rid of eczema. It started with my most recent pregnancy about 18 months ago. I have a patch that comes and goes beside my lip, backs of my hands, and elbows. It’s always the same places and they come and go with almost hive looking bumps. It’s super itchy and if it’s a bad flare up it’s almost unbearably itchy. Why do you think this starts and how can I make them go away forever? 30:51

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