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March 17th Q&A Coaching

The following questions were answered in this Q&A Coaching video:

1. I want to start getting pregnant again. I have stopped taking my mini pill in November 2020 Doctors recommend taking folic acid but I am not sure if I should. Also what foods should I avoid? :37

2. I heard someone say recently that if you have those little floaters in your field of vision it means you have a parasite. Do you know if there is any truth in this? 2:02

3. Hi!I commented on the post about never being hungry for breakfast. I am wondering what tips or suggestions you might have on questions I can ask my doctor or to what type of specialist I might ask to be refereed to? My brother and grandmother both have thyroid issues. I have suffered from migraines since the age of 7 and I am 30 now. I also do have insomnia and anxiety I am not sure if any of this is connected but I would like to know questions to approach my doctor with as I usually get shut down, and told to just lose weight as I am over weight. I have had these issues even when I was the correct weight and being a Black woman I have experienced a lot of medical trauma so navigating these situations can be challenging for me and is something I am working on in therapy. I hope that makes sense. 3:37

4. Hello! I just got some routine bloodwork back and turns out I have more than double the amount of testosterone that a healthy woman should have. Do you have any suggestions for lifestyle changes to lower testosterone other than medication? Thank you in advance! 9:13

5. A little over a year ago my doctor stated I had low thyroid product, low iron and vitamin D. Is there a connection between these 3 symptoms and how best to start improving them? 11:07

6. I've been trying to get more protein through collagen, homemade gelatin gummies, and also bone broth but I've noticed when I eat these things I get a bit of an upset stomach/bloating. Does that mean I'm reacting to them and does that mean my metabolism needs more healing before I can retry those foods? I feel like that's where I've been getting that extra protein from to meet my macro needs. If I have to take these foods out it may be harder to get that extra protein. 12:38

7. What are your suggestions on rebalancing hormones after getting off of hormonal birth control? What is the biggest thing I should focus on? 14:20

8. What is a good amount of workouts/strength training for a week that will support healing and hormones? Really enjoy strength training but want to make sure not doing too much of a good thing and making it negatively impact health? 15:08

9. How do you suggest finding a professional that does what you do near me? Specifically for PCOS. 16:48

10. Hello! Do you have any tips for better sleep? Feels like I've tried everything and still have trouble falling asleep and waking up through the night. 17:47

11. I have seen your videos and instagram posts about SIBO recently and I was curious if plugged/clogged ears could be a symptom of SIBO? I have an appointment with my primary dr tomorrow because my ears have gotten so bad. The only thing I have really added in more than usual to my diet is oj, eggs and dairy. I suspect it is the dairy, but I'm afraid my dr is just going to give me a prescription for something and send me on my way. I am having to hold my nose and pop my ears for release at least 20 times a day, it's awful. 18:27

12. For weight training exercises, do you recommend heavy weights and compound exercises (squats, deadlifts, etc.), or lighter resistance (exercise bands, smaller dumbbells, etc.)? Or a combination? I know that weight lifting builds muscle, but I’m wondering if heavier weights are too stressful for the body. I have previously done a lot of heavy weightlifting (squatting/deadlifting well above body weight), because I enjoy it and it has really helped me build a lot of muscle, but I’m now wondering if that is too stressful for the body? 20:40

13. Follow up for the eczema question I wanted to provide some more info about my other symptoms. I also have hives that come and go, I’ll get bad flare ups around my neck that seem to come out of nowhere, they often coincide with itchiness and rashes around my eyes although the skin on my face is healthy and clear. I will sometimes be constipated but rarely, painful ovulation for several days but not painful periods, periods are regular. Low libido, cold hands and feet often, bloating is common but not every meal, rarely do I have a cold although they used to be very common, I do not have fatigue, I am actually really high energy and almost too high energy and can’t rest, I rarely have headaches. I am underweight I think, 115lbs at 5’9”, I’ve never been able to gain weight and didn’t gain tons during my pregnancies either although I had perfectly healthy babies. I’m up in the night with baby still so I usually only get 6-7 hours of broken sleep. You suggested testing for SIBO which I am looking into how I can do that, I’m in Canada if that changed things. I am still breastfeeding though, are there gentle approaches I can take to start helping my body until I can fully treat SIBO if this is the issue? 22:22

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