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March 10th Q&A Coaching (reposted)

Hey everyone,

I don't know what exactly happened, but this Q&A from March 10th was accidentally deleted. I'm not sure how long it was gone for, so I apologize for any inconvenience. Anyways, here's the Q&A Coaching video from March 10th. You can refer to the time stamp below the video for your question if needed!

- Kourtney

1. I am curious if you have a recipe for chocolate milk.

I love it, it's my dessert, but every chocolate milk I can find contain carrageenan.

I'm picky I only want whole milk so it really limits options.

I've seen recipes for diy chocolate syrup to mix into milk but they turn out just okay.

I've thought about adding in some half or half or some cream to make it thicker. :27

2. Ideas for quick, portable breakfasts that aren’t smoothies? Make ahead would be even better. 2:15

3. I’ve been taking a beef liver supplement for about a week and have been getting headaches, bloating and unsettled stomach. Is that normal? Should I stop taking the supplement or will those side effects go away? I’m also starting a vitamin E supplement, are there any side effects of that or any tips with starting? 3:38

4. Any tips for creating a more consistent/Disciplined mindset when it comes to nutrition? It feels like a struggle to be consistent enough with macros/not eating out to see progress (Especially when dealing with fatigue every day 5:18

5. I'm a part of a pro metabolic community on fb because of a course I purchased and a lot of people in there have said that their sibo was under control and then it came back full force with symptoms after they started eating pro metabolic foods. Can Sibo come back even after treated, and how or why does it come back? 8:51

6. Is there a specific oral pathogen screening test you recommend? Also wondering how it’s possible to have a pathogen in just your mouth/what it looks like. My symptoms started 5 years ago when I got tonsillits 6 times in 6 months. Even when I got my tonsils out my right neck lymph node still gets swollen when I get stressed, deprived sleep or do a weighted workout 11:43

7. My dr says I have symptoms of PCOS and left it at that. How can I advocate for myself to find out if I do have it and how to deal with it? 13:30

8. Tons of cellulite since eating more pro metabolic (for over a year now) .. eating raw carrots and the raw carrot salad, and ordered Vit E to help mobilize estrogen. Any other tips? Low is progesterone? 15:23

9. I am loving all of your recipes, thank you so much for sharing them. They make meal planning & cooking so much easier as I'm learning to cook/eat to nourish my body. My question is, I'm breastfeeding but wanted to know if you would recommend drinking holy basil tea or nettle? Or even reishi mushrooms? Or should I stay away for now? I wanted to add some of these in but want to be safe too for baby. Thank you! 17:31

10. This is a follow up to the eczema question. I have not done anything overly conventional to my body for years in regard to doctor recommendations, Last round of antibiotics was over a decade ago, I worked with a midwife who had a wonderful holistic approach for moms and babies. Around that time I was very busy with work and my business expanded very rapidly so I was travelling more often. It was my fourth pregnancy in 5 years and I had recently stopped breastfeeding so I think my body was probably just taxed. Here’s where I think I was probably going wrong and I’m sure digestion has something to do with it. I was taking the advice of a naturopath for my supplements and was taking a whole food multi vitamin, high doses of vitamin D, omega 3’s, chromium picolate among other things. I wasn’t really paying much attention to my protein intake, we eat fairly good though, sprouted and whole grains, grass fed beef and chicken, loads of veggies, some fruit, really minimal processed foods. With travelling nutrition was not as good but I was home a lot of the time and ate good then. About 8 months ago I stopped all supplements when I started realizing they were not helping. I’ve on and off taken vitamin e, vitamin K, beef liver capsules, acerola powder, magnesium carbonate, and digestive enzymes but I am hesitant to stick with something long term. The last few weeks since being more intentional with my eating and stress levels things have been better but I’m ready to heal 100% 18:54

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