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Lower Cortisol + Normalize Blood Sugar: The Power of a Bedtime Snack

Have you ever thought about having a bedtime snack? Although bedtime snacks are often viewed as an addition for children, it can be especially beneficial for women to have a snack at night before bed. To gain more insight into if you are a good fit for a bedtime snack, see these valuable points below.

A Bedtime Snack Stabilizes Blood Sugar by Fueling The Liver

Many people (especially women) who are experiencing health struggles, often have an overburdened liver. When this happens, the liver needs extra glycogen, and having some protein and carbs before bed can help give the liver the energy it needs. The liver can often be stressed because of a bacterial burden coming from the gut (often SIBO, but not always), and it can also be overburdened from not getting enough food during the day. If you tend to under-eat (even on accident), a bedtime snack can significantly help keep your body fueled overnight.

A Bedtime Snack Lowers Cortisol

When your body is missing something (nutrients, energy, etc.), it is in an environment of stress. By getting extra calories and nutrients in, you can greatly reduce cortisol levels in the evening. This benefit connects with the benefit that comes from stabilizing blood sugar. When blood sugar is low, the body can increase cortisol to raise the amount of available sugar in the blood stream. By eating a balanced carb and protein snack before bed, you greatly reduce your odds of a blood sugar drop, thus lowering the odds of having a cortisol spike.

A Bedtime Snack Helps With Sleep Quality

Many women wake up in the night because of an drop or raise in blood sugar, and one way to prevent this is by having a snack. By avoiding mid-evening rising, you will be be able to have interrupted sleep cycles. Research shows us that a good night's rest consists of 3-4 uninterrupted sleep cycles, but if sleep cycles are interrupted, an individual is significantly more likely to suffer negative consequences.

Bedtime Snack Ideas

6 oz. organic yogurt + 1/2 cup fruit of choice (I like strawberries the most for a bedtime snack - they are low glycemic and go well with yogurt)

3 oz. pulled chicken/rotisserie chicken + rice noodles (these are my favorite)

6 oz. organic apple sauce + 18 grams collagen and cinnamon

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