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June 3rd Q&A Coaching

  1. Any tips on reverse dieting?

  2. I am pregnant with my 4th baby and during the second half of my pregnancies I get terrible acid reflux, especially when I lay down at night. What is the best way to ease or better yet prevent this?

  3. Estrogen dominance seems to be talked about a lot, but what would cause low estrogen and high progesterone/testosterone and how would you balance that out?

  4. Hey Kourtney! I just switched to city water and I wondered if you have a filter you would recommend for it. Is reverse osmosis important at all?

  5. "Hi, I live in Australia so I can’t be a 1:1 client, but I was hoping you could give me some blood tests I should ask my doctor for. I have had normal periods until I turned 17, then they slowly got worse and worse now I don’t have periods at all and I’ve gone over 6 months without one until I was told to go on the pill which I tried and it makes my hormones terrible. I’m ready to start thinking about children so contraception can’t be an option, I’ve had high testosterone and was diagnosed with PCOS in 2019 and tried metformin which doesn’t help my periods and it gives me a stomach ache. I started taking inositol in February, which helps me not crave sugar and I’m not shakey if don’t eat enough. I also stopped metformin about a month ago, and now I have period symptoms but no period. My previous doctor told me to not worry about it so I’m looking for a new doctor and would appreciate if you had any lists I could ask them for.

  6. Sometimes when I drink 6-10 big sips of water I can instantly get bloated. Its not even just my upper abdomen where my stomach is, but also the lower part and it’s to the point where I look pregnant. How can WATER do this to me? It’s not all the time, but when it does happen it’s very uncomfortable and it’s concerning.

  7. Do you have any tips on addressing headaches caused by sensitivity to light (and screens), and what does this imply about your body?

  8. What can be the reason for dark skin + peeling off cuticles on hand fingernails?

  9. What is an htma exactlya

  10. I’m wondering you cover mold in groups?

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