• Kourtney

June 28th Q&A Coaching

1. I have been taking beef liver and acerola cherry powder for like two months now to help boost my immune system. My family has a history of high iron. I’ve always been fine, but should I avoid the beef liver and if so, what else can I take to help my immune system?

2. Is DHEA a supplement worth taking?

3. I had a few tests done, food allergies, mineral, and hormones. They said low in vitamin d. Iron, mag, and b12 looked great. No food allergies. And my hormones were all in normal range. I did all of this to try and figure out where to start for my cystic acne. Could this mean it’s just gut related? I thought for sure it would of been my hormones, I have a low libido as well so I was expecting my hormones to be off.

4. What kind of toothpaste do you recommend? Should it be fluoride free? Love your focus on dental hygiene, and wonder if you have any other basic tips!

5. Hi Kourt! Still so thankful for these weekly Q&A's. They have been SOO beneficial in getting my period back after over a year of being irregular! I was wondering if you have any recommendations for dry scalp remedies? I hate using Head & Shoulders because of all the chemicals, but it's the only thing that's worked for me for years.

6. How can you painful “treat” hemorrhoids holistically?

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