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June 23rd Q&A Coaching

Question 1: What are your thoughts on zeolite sprays like TRS? Thank you! :37

Question 2: Hi Kourtney! I’m interested in introducing cod liver into my diet. I’d prefer the whole food form over the oil. Do you have a recommended brand? Suggested amount per week? Thank you! 1:40

Question 3: Any tips on recovering after three weeks on antibiotics? Also, any supplements for spur of the moment headaches? 2:24

Question 4: what are your top recommendations for rosacea? 3:28

Question 5: Can you shred carrots for days ahead for carrot salad? And do you have any tips for how to shred easily...the veggie peeler takes forever. And can you use pre shredded carrots? Thanks! 5:23

Question 6: Hey! So I have PCOs and it’s been about 4 months since I’ve had my period. Weight gain, stress management and hair everywhere are some of biggest issues. I came across a doctor from Canada suggested trying cyclic progesterone for 2wks every month, spironolactone daily and Metformin( I wanted to maybe do ovasitol instead). I wanted to know if you had any thoughts about this supplement regimen. My diet and exercise are getting a lot better thanks to all of your information! 6:27

Question 7: What kind of foods can I be nourishing my body with to help with balancing hormones and having a consistent period that is on time besides taking vitex berry supplements? 11:43

Question 8: Been loving your series on Hashimotos! When you were struggling more with hashis, did you have have "hashis swings?" I find that I am often swinging between hyper + hypo states, generally every few weeks or so. Despite tons of work on diet, rest, stress, meds, etc, over the past few years, these swings keep happening. I hear about them in the hashimotos community too, but there are rarely any answers or explanations about the root cause. Are these cortisol swings? Or antibodies not yet under control? Any other thoughts or advice? Thanks so much ♡ 14:09

Question 9: Hey Kourt!! I was wondering if you have any tips on improving frequent bad breath or getting to the root of that? Thanks so much! 19:05

Question 10: what herbs are good for autoimmunity? what ones to stay away from with autoimmunity? is NAC ok for people with an autoimmune disorder? 21:30

Question 11: Suffering from Gastritis after round of Rifaximin to treat SIBO, now on a LOW FODMAP diet, what foods could I eat to help with Gastritis and the heartburn? Adrenal fatigue, body going through burn out how should I be eating to support my body for better energy? Liver stagnation but naturopath says due to the condition of my adrenals I can't do a detox to help move things along. Also restricted meat intake due to high levels of Dsilfibruio, how could I eat to support my liver? 23:09

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