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June 14th Q&A Coaching

1. hey kourtney :) i think you mentioned using ascorbic acid in some specific scenarios but then also advise against it? thank you for your help :35

2. Is there any benefit to supplementing with a high quality vitamin E during the luteal phase? Or during the menstruation? Or would you prefer someone start with consuming more Vit. E rich foods during this time instead? 2:30

3. Do you recommend someone supplement with Vit. K if they have some noticeable calcification in areas of the body? I’ve been seeing a myofascial release and trigger point specialist and she mentioned a few of my muscles have definitely calcified, and while we’re working on breaking this all up, I’m wondering if some Vit. K & maybe proteolytic enzymes could help speed the process up, ensuring the calcium is moved out of the soft tissues and back into the bone.. if so, what’s your favorite brand of Vit. K? 3:35

4. You have mentioned inositol and ovasitol in different videos pertaining to pcos and hormones... I was wondering what is the difference between them, and when should you use one over the other? Thanks so much for these q&a’s, they are soo informative and helpful!! 4:57

5. Do you have any tips on parasites? I know many people have them but what do you recommend to begin extracting them? Thank you! 6:24

6. Thoughts on the chlorophyll drink trend? If you recommend it, what kind and how much do you recommend? Thank you!! 8:58

7. With having PCOS and managing blood sugar regulation there is so much info out there...remove all forms of sugar even fruit, just remove refined sugar, only eat fruit sugars, etc. What would you recommend for blood sugar regulation with PCOS?Thank you:) 10:17

8. Hi! I’m trying to conceive, so i ordered Natal Nourish from Organic Olivia and Progest plus from Forever Healthy Hair. Would this be too much all at once? Also, do i only use the progest on certain days or certain times during my cycle? Thank you! 13:23

9. Wondering your through on food sensitivity tests and if they can provide any helpful information. 16:57

10.Hi Kourtney, is sprouted whole grain bread better than regular sourdough bread? 17:38

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