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July 6th Q&A Coaching

1. A morning smoothie recipe for those with insulin resistance and needing a 1:1 ratio :45

2. How can I take extra precautions nutrition wise for the Delta Variant? I currently take beef liver daily, elderberry daily, get decent sleep, RO water with trace minerals, and get decent Vitamin C and D from whole foods and sun. Anything else I can do to give my immune system a boost? (Not vaccinated) 2:32

3. What are your thoughts on prenatals that are high quality and well sourced? Like Seeking Health for example (also NO iron in it)…have a 6 month old and honestly have a hard time imagining not taking it when pregnant or breastfeeding but have heard lots of negative talk in the PM world. Would love your thoughts 4:42

4. Opinion on taking cod liver oil instead of a vitamin D supplement? Any brand recommendations? 7:52

5. tortillas other than siete (coconut allergy and they're made with the same equipment that has coconut on it) that doesn't have crappy ingredients? 9:58

6. Hey Kourt! I really want to make the switch to start using more natural makeup products.. Do you have any products or brands that you recommend? Your makeup always looks amazing! 11:11

7. Are there any major differences between how men & women should eat? My husband has seen me eat in a metabolically supportive way for a while now & wants to focus more on his nutrition as well. I've heard men shouldn't have as much fat as women, is that true? Are there any other things to be aware of? Thank you so much for your help! 13:03

8. What advice do you have for someone that struggles to have an appetite? 17:22

9. What are the best supplements for brittle nails? They are just thin! 18:42

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