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January 7th Q&A Coaching

  1. What is your recommendation for getting in electrolytes when pregnant or breastfeeding?

  2. I'm currently taking antibiotics for a UTI. What can I do to balance out any negative effects from the antibiotics?

  3. Love your macronutrients posts! Wondering what percent of total calories fat should be? And curious if protein intake should be more than body weight if trying to gain muscle?

  4. Do you recommend juicing? Why or why not?

  5. Is nutritional yeast fine to eat? I see that it has a lot of B vitamins and have had it as a seasoning on popcorn, etc. I'm wondering if you recommend eating it?

  6. When I started learning more about eating to support hormones/metabolism, I started incorporating more sugar and dairy into my diet. Prior to this, I ate carbs, animal proteins and a decent amount of veggies, but gluten, dairy and sugar/fruit more sparingly.

  7. This question is for my dad, he recently developed flakes on his scalp. What would you suggest? He uses good clean fragrance free shampoo

  8. Somewhere after starting to consume more dairy and sugar, I started getting burning or aching pain on the left or right side just behind my lower ribs pretty much daily (I think I’ve had it at least since this summer, possibly June or July). I see someone for muscle testing & supplementation, and she said it looked like my pancreas needed more support and I’ve been taking something for that. The pain definitely lessened in severity and frequency, but I still have it. I notice it the most after eating coffee, dairy and alcohol. I was just wondering a. If that sounds like something you’re familiar with and b. Is that possibly a result of bringing dairy & sugar back into my diet? If so, what can I do to help it? When people start adding back in more dairy and sugar after maybe not having much of that for several years, is this common? Could it be related or something else entirely?

  9. I know you recommend crucial four salt, is there a next best option you’d recommend. It’s expensive to get into Canada and I go through a lot of salt with canning and fermenting. Maldon I can get easier, or even I saw your recipes recommend kosher salt.

  10. Hey! My question is even after healing the body are there still going to be minimal symptoms of our cycles throughout the month? Like just being more in tune of your body and feeling the shift of the hormones.

  11. What do you think about the Ancient Nutrition prenatal?

  12. In early pregnancy with a history of miscarriage, what progesterone do you recommend using?

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